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Weighty issue

Of the three of us, she is the one who is allowed to have some fat on her. It would look cute I bet, so why is she the only one closest to getting a six-pack. Why is she close to having the opposite of chubby cheeks, so much so, that her cute little dimples are not even prominent any more.

On the flip side, why have we..D and I (err mostly me)..taken it on ourselves to increase the family weight..

Buzz, please darling take up the mantle from Maa for a while. While I go hit the gym with a vengeance.


What happens.. us as we grow up

What happens to the translucent, blemish free, softest of soft skin.

What happens to silky soft, shiny, beautiful hair.

What happens to the clear, bright, brimming with mischief eyes.

What happens to the abundant, heartfelt, deep from the soul laughter.

What happens to our deep, unquestioning, abiding trust in someone.

What happens to the confidence to demand the love which is our due.

What happens to the ability to show pain when hurt.

What happens to forget and forgive and let go.

Yay..OhO from the trip

Yay – The longest span of time I spent with Buzz since I joined back work after she was born.
OhO – You remember the back which gave away don’t you?

Yay – Buzz did amazingly well in the airplane. I was so stressed out about that. My SIL even called and told me, ‘Remember you will never see those people again’. I kept Buzz entertained with books and poems and stickers and play-dough and a spoon and a cup (if you did not know, they help every time. Don’t give her food. Give her an empty cup/bowl and a spoon and she will pretend to feed herself for hours). Tickling helped too 🙂
OhO – Within 5 mins of boarding the plane she had the gentleman in front of us upset because she kept kicking his seat despite me trying very hard that she did not. He screamed at me and then switched seats, after which Buzz did not kick the seat even once 😐

Yay – Buzz could be made to hand over whatever she was playing with to another kid by saying her turn was over and it was the other kids turn.
OhO – She would NOT share her book with anyone. If any other kid tried to touch it, screams of ‘Mine..mine..mine’ were heard all over.

Yay – Buzz could play happily with anyone. Run around..sit down with behind, calling out to Didi, in the park. Maa was not a requirement at all.
OhO – If she did not get her way and no one was looking, she was seen clawing at the other kids face 😐

Yay – Buzz got to sleep next to Maa for all the days of the trip. So we cuddled in together..slept long hours. Ah bliss.
OhO – Maa could not move, not even to turn sides, because that would wake Buzz up and take Maa forever to get her back to sleep.

Yay – No matter how upset she was if she was asked ‘Buzz pyaari kar do XYZ ko’ she would go hug the XYZ person. And it was not just a hug hug..she would put her head against that persons chest and then stay there till her hug was returned 🙂 
OhO – Once the hug was done she could still be heard muttering to herself ‘nahin..nahin’ and shaking her head 😀

Yay – If she wanted something from someone..may it be toys or food or something else..she would go sign please and what surprised me most was her trying to say ‘Thank You’ after she got whatever she wanted.
OhO – If you did not understand what she wanted..there was a BIG fit which was thrown with her face on the floor, flailing her hands and legs.

We had an amazing, fun trip with a lot of laughs and some hmph moments..but I am so not complaining. Loved every minute of it 😀