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Laughs for the day

Buzz gets up for the day. Brought to our bed from her crib (sleepy parents still want to snooze for a bit). Paa gets her Sippy-cup full of milk so that she can drink (keep quite) while parents snooze. Hands it over to her. She starts crying. Hands the Sippy-cup to Maa. Maa hands it back to her. She smiles and starts drinking.

Moral of the story: Morning milk to be given to her by Maa..


Maa and Paa are sitting on the couch, while Buzz is running around..playing. Time to head to work/daycare.

Maa: Chalo Buzz chalein. (Let’s go)

Buzz: Dashes to the door and picks up her shoe.

Maa, Paa: In splits, laughing like crazy

Buzz: Looks up, sees no one has followed..starts screaming, all the while pointing to the door.

Moral of the story: She understands what is being said, so say ‘Let’s go’ only when you are really ready to leave.


Paa is sitting on the couch eating bread with Tea. Buzz wants to eat too. So Paa gives her a real small piece to eat. As soon as the bread goes in her mouth she cleans her hands by hitting her hands together, just like Paa was doing not a minute back.

Moral of the story: She is copying everything these days. Be careful what is being done.


Buzz is running without looking where she is going. Falls. Hard. Starts crying.

Maa goes and picks her up and starts to divert her attention. Once Buzz is almost quite

Maa: Buzz high-five

Buzz: Naaein Naaein (all the while shaking her head vehemently) and starts to cry again.

Moral of the story: She has learned how to say No and cannot be distracted that easily anymore.


Maa and Paa need to stop laughing at what she does but it is all so spontaneous, that they can’t help but laugh.

Coming true

You know about those dreams, that you dream about your future, with eyes open and looking out a window. I dreamed so many of those while I was pregnant. All revolved around D and me and a baby I could only see the back of the head of. So what if the face was not clear or defined. I still dreamed. But as with all dreams, when life makes its presence know, the dreams get forgotten, left somewhere in the vast dreamland.

Sometime last week, the sun was out and it was still some time before Buzz’s bedtime so we decided to go to this biggish park a little distance from our house. Once we got to the park, we did the usual. Sat Buzz down on a swing and push her and hear her laugh as the swing moved back and forth. Pick her up and place her somewhere in the middle of a slide and smile as she squeals coming down. And repeat the process till both of us are tired because she wants to slide over and over again.

As I said the park is kind of biggish and has had a lot of work done on it in the past year. So we decided to walk around the park a bit before heading home, see all the changes. Buzz was picked up and we started walking to the other side of the park crossing the soccer field in the middle. And there they were. The artificial rock formation which are new additions. D got all excited and started walking towards the rocks, and they were perfect..the shape, the size, the texture..all perfect to introduce young children to the sport of rock climbing, with cushioned ground so that they could land safely if they fell/jumped. D kept moving around the formation, touching here, feeling a rock grip there, thinking of a route that someone could take to climb to the top. All the while Buzz walked around here and there and me keeping an eye on her.

Buzz finally in her usual style toddled over to D and held on to his leg, as she does ever so often when she wants to be picked up. So D scooped her up and showed her the rock. Making her touch an especially easy hold, moving her other hand to another hold, telling her what she was suppose to do. Not that she understood a thing. But there was this joy on his face, a smile in his voice and I guess some of it must have translated itself to Buzz or she was just curious because she gave the rock all her attention.

And as I stood in the background looking at father and daughter, one of my dream flashed before my eyes, now coming true.

Getting ones point across

This past weekend morning, I was sleeping in and D was taking care of Buzz. This is how, I am told, things went down.

Dad and daughter are playing in the living room with lot of rolling and jumping is involved. Which are resulting in laughs and giggles.

Buzz once in a while stops her play and says: Mummm
To which D replies: Maa is sleeping baby. Paa and Buzz will play.

After a little while Buzz heads to the kitchen. She does tend to play there a lot so D lets her be and out comes his smart-phone and he precedes to checking emails, catching Facebook statues and the likes. There is a big thud in the kitchen and he looks up to see Buzz lugging a small icebox which generally contains her milk when we are  going out and at night (because I don’t have the energy to get up to grab milk from the kitchen in the middle of the night). She has somehow managed to get the icebox down from the kitchen counter (remember the loud thud) and continues to half drag and half carry it to D.

Once she gets to D, she points to the icebox emphatically and say Mummm.. D’s flickering tubelight lights up full blast.

Buzz has been talking non-stop, the past month or so. But dumb parents that we are..we don’t understand a third of what she says. It took me forever to get that I was Mummmaa and food was Mummm. And there were numerous pointing at the kitchen and fridge before she got the point across.

Buzz has now ensured that D never forgets the difference either 🙂

I got up to the site of Buzz sitting contentedly in D’s lap drinking her milk

This thing called Love

The newly married us..a freshly landed in this part of the world me..went on a road trip. Jet lag, home-sickness, all the wedding high, giddy with happiness..everyone came along. Long drives, beautiful snow-capped mountains, lush green trees, smooth flowing road, blue-green watered rivers..

A fantastic trip. So the ever outdoorsy D comes up with an idea to cap the trip in style.

D: Let’s Bungee Jump. *all excited*
Me: What? Really? *praying he is not serious*
D: It will be so much fun. Perfect way to end the trip. Man that will be so much fun.
Me: Where will we find a place to jump? *praying harder* (this was back in the day when smart phones were not the norm)
D: Oh I researched about this place about a half a day drive from here.
Me: You researched already we have half a day to spare? Maybe we should head home. *eyes closed, blood circulation stopped in hands from holding on to the seat*
D: Naa..and even if we are late, I am driving so we will be fine. We will get home a little late. So big deal.

My silence (I was praying you see) is taken as agreement. And off we go. Once we get there, we are taken to the top of the bridge to see how high we will be jumping from. Then send down again to sign papers (our lives off).

Me: Why don’t you do it by yourself?
D: What is the fun in that? This way we can always remember the trip and that start to our marriage.
Me: I am scared *mumbles*
D: Did you say something?
Me: aaa..I said, I don’t want to.
D: …
Me: …
D: …
Me: …
D: That’s my girl, you go jump first. I will click pictures from here. I will go next.

So I make my way back up to the bridge, on jellybean legs. Once up top, these two dude..shorts, ear studs, arm band, get the picture right? any ways these two dude tie a cord around my ankles

Dudes: Do you want to dunk in the river water below?
Me: Err..No?
Dudes: But what is the fun in that?
Me: Dude that statement is what got me in this kind of trouble. Don’t use that line on me. If I have to do this at least let me get out of this ordeal without being sopping wet. *all in my head of course* *aloud* No I am good, Thanks. No dunk in the river.
Dudes: Cool.
Dude1 Goes and adjusts the length of the road accordingly
Dudes2: We will say 1. 2. 3. Bungee and you jump on Bungee.
Me: Sure whatever you say *barely audible whisper*
Dudes: Ready?
Me: *just look at them, with horror in my eyes*
Dudes: 1. 2. 3. Bungee *scream*
Me: *Nothing keep standing*
Dudes: OK again. 1. 2. 3. Bungee *scream*
Me: * Look down and keep standing*
Dudes: Do you want to give you a nudge on Bungee?
Me: Let me try one more time. If I don’t this time, you may the next time.
Dudes: Cool. 1. 2. 3. Bungee *scream* *PUSH ME DOWN*
Me: *Let out one short scream before starting to concentrate on the breathing part*

And that people is what happens when you are stupid in love and do things because love is blind and all that 😐 So let this be a lesson to all of you..

And now he wants me to skydive. But the love blinkers (at least the blind ones) are off and I am standing my ground.

Name a name

Driving down to work in our Sedan, I am indulging in my favorite pastime when on the road..reading number plates of the cars driving in front. Spot one ‘XML-…‘ and get all excited because that actually means something. Conversation that moves on to custom number plates.

Me: I once saw MEMSAB as in Memsahib
D: Oh and MASTI
D: Remember that Yellow Porsche we saw with number plate SARDAR
Me: That was so cool *with a huge grin on my face*
D: Let’s get a custom number plate for our car
Me: What would you have on it?
Me: Oh please keep your Delhi lingo to yourself. It is coming nowhere near my car
Me: Next

A lot more name suggested, all in the same vein. All rejected. Some with hoots of laughter, some with shake of a head, some with screeching NO

D: How about BUNTY?
Me: ha ha ha
D: *Thinking for a bit* You know what? Let’s name our SUV, BUNTY and call this Sedan, BABLI

So there you have it people. If you ever see BUNTY and BABLI on the road you know you have reached the Comfy household. 😀 😀