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Alaska – Getting there

As all long weekends go, planing on what to do starts way in advance. So the next upcoming national holiday got everyone talking about taking a vacation. D and I had talked about heading to Alaska for quite some time and when we made the suggestion over dinner with friends at a Thai place people jumped on it. It is kind of surprising the number of friends who agreed to the plan. 10 adults 2 kids. Alaska is huge with a lot that you can see, so based on how many days people could take off a plan was made. A few friends could take only one extra day off work, a few could take two extra days off, D and I were taking the entire week off.

Tickets were booked and a house booked for 3 nights and then everyone made different arrangements for accommodation based on when they were getting back. A week before we were to leave one of D’s old school friend, M, called (he lives on the other side of the country and the two of them had not met since 1999) and realized we were heading to Alaska for the long weekend. He had his tickets booked within an hour :).

We were flying Thursday evening so came back from work around 4, loaded all our bags and headed to the airport. 12 friends getting together at the airport, checking-in baggage, grabbing a bite to eat. It was picnic at the airport, load of fun. Everyone settled down once the plane took off. Books, music player came out. zzzzz’s caught up with most of us as well (what would you expect in a 4 hrs. flight at the end of a long week and hectic day).

Landed in Anchorage at 11:10. M met us at baggage claim since he had landed 20 mins before us. Having grabbed our luggage we headed to the car rental place to pick up our cars. The type of car we had booked were all out so were given an upgrade to a Subaru SUV and not extra cost which was super cool :). 13 people loaded all their stuff in 3 cars and headed out to the rental place. 5 engineers, 2 GPS, 1 print out of directions to the rental place, 2 cars in front of us and we still managed to get lost. Thankfully we corrected our course quickly and were not too late getting to the house.

Oh the House. It was magnificent. The view beyond words (at 1:00 at night). Let see..the house was three stories. The main level had the living room, dining room, kitchen, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom. The upper level had 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and a loft. The lower level had 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. Now the view..the main level had floor to ceiling windows where you could see the pitch black sky and specs of glowing red of the setting sun way out in the horizon. We sat there soaking in the view and eating (everyone was hungry having had something to eat at 6:00 before boarding the plane and you get nothing in flight these days) what the house hostess had left us for breakfast the next day (they were to provide us with breakfast the first day as part of the rent to the place). We saw the sky go all black and then some 15 mins later while we were still talking and eating on the other side of the window we saw another set of red hues coming of the rising sun. This was way too awesome, something we had never seen before.

We were all too tired to get out cameras out and were sure nothing would catch the beauty of the place so just sat there feasting our eyes. Finally amidst murmurs and yawns we hit the sac.