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Chai ke liye jaise toast hota hei..

..vaise har eak friend zaroori hota hei.

You have all seen this ad, have you not? And have all smiled and nodded along, have you not? And walked down memory lane remembering all the friends who fit in to these various categories, have you not?

For me I walked back to my college days, remembered, smiled at a few, laughed at more than a few, frowned at a few, missed so many and got all nostalgic. So now I capture some of these precious moments in words and hence making sure they are never lost in the sands of time.

Koyi subah paanch baje neend se jagaye:

Uthja, kuch padhle, nahein to exam mein kya hoga tera?

This was how I woke up almost for every exam through the four years of college.

Koyi raat ko teen baje jaan bachaye:

Wardi aa rahi hei!

the call would go out which meant all heaters had to be hidden before the hostel warden got a hold of them and took them away. And if such a thing happened how would we live through the 0 degree C frigid winters?

Ek teri kadki mein sharing kare:

One of those long weekends when all students who lived close by headed home, leaving a handful of us behind. End of the month when money was always tight but fed up of the minimally running hostel mess with its horrible food, 3 girls got out all the money they had. The aim was to get to Rs 100. Rs 2 short they begged someone to lend them the same. Rs 100 complete they walked 4 kms to get to a restaurant (this was food money after all, could not be spent on a rickshaw). One paneer sabzi, one plate rice, one naan. Feast it was with the final bill of Rs 99. 4 Kms walk back, but the smile on their face for having had good food after forever was something to behold.

Aur eak tere budget mein sneak in kare:

We the ‘weekend stay backers’ as we were called because we stayed far far from home and could not run home every weekend were always careful about saving money. We did not have the luxury of getting our funds replenished every week. Money came at the start of every month, after which the mess fee and the electric bill and all the stationary buying happened. By 5th of the month, it was back to watching every Rupee that we had. I was famous for saving money and having a decent amount left at the end of the month. Which meant my wallet was the most wanted thing in the last 5 or so days of the month. And yeah they made sure their kadki turned in to my kadki as well. Height of sharing, me thinks. 😀

Koi nature se guest, koi host hota hei:

Third year, I was the part of the lucky four in our batch who got a room on the ground floor. Lucky because the ground floor rooms where always cool (er) than the ones on the first floor during the melting summer heat and warm (er) than the ones on the first floor during the bone chilling winter. Which meant anytime of the day or night there was someone sleeping on my bed trying to catch a break from the heat or the cold.

On the same lines there were a few rooms always open for the likes of me (whose bed was already taken) to go study or sleep or just hang out in.

Par har eak friend zaroori hota hei.

Eak ghadi ghadi kaam aaye per kabhi kabhi call kare:

I had two main friends. When I was not living in the first ones house (her dad was a prof. in college and they stayed on campus), I was found in the other ones room. Yeah my ‘ghadi ghadi kaam aaye’ friends. I was never far so they never called me. See check on ‘kabhi kabhi call kare’.

Eak kabhi kabhi kaam aaye per ghadi ghadi call kare:

Oh yeah, I had these kinds too. Always dropping in, wanting help for this, wanting to talk about that, always something to sort out and one of the first people to go missing any time I needed help of any kind.

Gossip ka koi ghoomta phirta satellite:

We called her BBC and did she know everything that was going on or what? 😀 Who liked whom, who finally said yes to a certain guy, who got how many marks, who was struggling with what subject, who was seen outside a certain prof’s office trying to maska maroofy, who bunked what class to go watch which movie. BBC knew it all and she being the nicest person in the hostel helped big time. 

Koi saath rahe to karde sab alright:

My go to person for all problems big or small. Just being around her would calm me down and make me look at things from a different angle.

Koi effortless, koi forced hota hei:

A trip from the bus-stand to the hostel one Monday morning, a couple of shared smiles during the initial ragging days and we were friends. Effortless indeed.

The stopping by the girls hostel in the names of getting notes. The making up reasons to celebrate so that the girls could go out for lunch with them. So very forced. 😀

Lekin har eak friend zaroori hota hei.

Chat room friend:

The first and only chat room friend (for the longest time) – D

Koi class room friend:

The ones who made sure the bench N and I loved to sit on was left empty any time we were late for class.

Koi bike pe race wala vroom-vroom friend:

Never really race because a Luna, a Scotty or a Kinetic was never much competition against a Yamaha or a Bullet but a few rides to remember including one where I was stopped in the middle of the drive and was screamed at for not driving carefully enough. Over protective guy friends 🙄

Shopping mall wala shopping friend:

She had the best dress sense amongst all of us, plus she was a local so she knew exactly what to buy, where. Where the sales were. Where one could get the perfect cloth for a salwar kameez to go with the dupatta you got as a gift. Where to go to get a particular style of salwar kameez stitched. And most importantly what style to get it stitched in.

Koi exam hall wala copying friend:

He was the roll number before mine. About 30 minutes before the exam got over he would move his fingers to his back and sign a question number. If I gave a sign back it meant I had attempted that question. Then would start a series of signs where he verified that his result matched mine. This was of course for numerical questions.

Movie buddy:

N, how many movies did we watch together? Do we even have a count?

Groovy buddy:

Aah my dancing partner. Every festival we were seen living it up. 🙂

Hi buddy:

Too many to count.

Bye buddy:

Same as above.

Joke buddy:

We were rehearsing for an event before we headed to BITs Pillani for their college fest. And at exact same point we would burst out laughing much to the irritation of everyone else. We managed to get by with only smiles when we got on the stage but the jokes continued way past the actual show.

Poke buddy:

Oh the love-hate relationship or was it hate-hate? Always on each other’s case, masking it behind smiles of course.

Gaana buddy:

The one person who could abide by my donkey braying voice and who joined in to help me through the difficult parts.

Shaana buddy:

Miss Smart mouth! Oh she was amazing to be with. 😀

Chaddi buddy: to this one, I must say. At least not in college.

Yaar buddy:

Kya yaar!

Yaar aaj to bacch gaye.

Oye yaar, help kar de na?

With a few people, I don’t think any sentence was complete without yaar in it. 🙂

Kutte.. kaminey..

Not Kutte..kaminey but yeah the special names for some extra special friends. 😀

Everybody..sab buddy


gin gin ke naam bheja roast hota hei

par har eat friend zaroori hota hei.

Yup every friend is important because they teach you something new just by being part of your life. Because they enrich your life in their own special way. Because just by being around they give you million and more memories to carry with you, even when you have not met them in years.

Trip report

  • Talks about doing something together one late evening after dinner with friends.
  • Email confirmation on who all would join.
  • Two amazing women search, call, repeat to find a place to accommodate everyone.
  • Hope given up, owing to lack of place to stay.
  • One place found.
  • Let the planning begin.
  • While the guys sorted out drinks and things to do, the women got down to the most important thing.. ‘What to eat’.
  • Endless emails.
  • 15 adults, 7 kids, 6 cars, 4 hours road trip, 3 houses close by, 1 house designated the central meeting place.
  • Grill cleaned and manned to produce grilled – corn, burgers, pineapple, chicken, paneer, onions, bell pepper.
  • Sitting in front of the bonfire late into the night playing antakshari with gems like ‘Nain ladjayehe’.
  • Marshmallow samores for company.
  • Breakfast of eggs, pancake, hash brown, bread, cereal, poha, cut fruits.
  • Packed lunch of cold sandwiches with different kinds of spreads (pesto, mayo, butter, roasted garlic, chocolate peanut, green chutney), cheese (cheddar, american, pepper jack, fresh mozzarella) , bread (white, 8 grain, baggette), veggies (tomatoes, onions, basil), phel puri mix to be made on location.
  • Dinner of chicken biryani, veg pullao, dahi wada, papdi chat, pineapple + suji halwa.
  • Fireworks of all shapes and sizes.
  • Ending the trip with breakfast of potato sandwiches, waffles, fruits and anything and everything leftover.
  • Trips to snow covered mountains.
  • Hiking in the snow
  • Kids snow sledging their way up and down a small slope with parents for company
  •  Impromptu stops at lakes to sit, talk and relax
  • 3 days of not knowing where your kids were.
  • Bigger kids taking care of younger ones.
  • All adults keeping a general eye on all the little people.
  • Buzz becoming a tail of a 8 year old didi.
  • Didi’s little sister and Buzz arguing over didi where ‘My didi’, ‘No my didi’ were heard about 100 times a day.
  • ‘This one cries anytime she is hit’ (as in even lightly touched) heard from the mouth of a 6 year old. Buzz sweetheart, very true that.
  • Buzz just as she is about to sleep, ‘Star, mere tim tim star?’, as she remembers the glow stars glued to the ceiling of her room.
  • Kids laughing out loud while watching Mickey Mouse on VCR while Buzz, the lone ranger, hording all the colors and scribbling non-stop on a paper, carpet, her t-shirt, hands, mouth.
  • No cable TV, cell phone reception, internet connection.
  • Good friends, drool worthy food, calm of the woods, gorgeous vistas, happy kids, laughs all around.
  • Perfect!

Of blog friends and being thankful

– When someone pings to ask if things are all right after reading a particular line in the blog out of the entire post about something else.

– When someone sends emails with the subject ’30 secs of zero stress’ with a picture of a flower in your favorite color one day, a picture of your favorite fruit some other day, a picture of  flowers glowing in candle light on another. All because they figured out that you are stressed about random stuff.

– When someone tells you that they are hiding something and will not talk about it. And as you get talking the little details start to come out. Finally the same someone gives up and gives you all the details.

– When someone finds out a small little detail about you, picks up the phone and calls you.

– When someone is just plain happy for you and it shows in every single line of email.

– When so many someones invite you over to their place just because you want to eat good Rasam.

– When someone reads your craving for Rasam, pings you, scolds you for not talking about it before and goes on to write the recipe down in an email.

– When someone silently reads your post and writes down the recipe for making Rasam powder just the way Amma does and sends it your way. While you are still smiling about it, the very next day you find a recipe on how to make Rasam in your inbox.

How can you not be thankful for all the friends the world of words has brought in to your life when these friends show they care in so many special ways. When these friends always bring about a reason to smile on the saddest of days. When these friends bring with them a blanket of warmth when it is needed the most.

Thank you dear blog and all the people who make it the special place it is.

PS: Dear Brat, from the two Rasam recipes I now have, ghee seems to be the special ingredient. No wonder you can’t make it well 😛

Of friends and being thankful

Night before last was bad. Sleep came in small little intervals. Added to that I had a physiotherapy appointment early morning, so could not sleep in a little longer. End result – a super tired me during the work day. To the extent that I could not keep my eyes from closing as I sat, pretending to work.

Tired, cranky, sleepy, around 4:30 in the evening, I pinged D asking him if we could go home. He had some important meeting to go to and so I was asked to wait.

As I sat resigned but sulking, in walked a friend B. He took one look at me and told me I should go home and catch some sleep. Which meant I got full permission to rant at the injustice of it all. A few minutes in to the rant B asked me to pack up my stuff. Said he would be down in 5 mins with his keys and would drop me home since my place is on route to his.

I quickly wrote to D that I was leaving, picked up my bag and off we went. Soon after I got home, I was fast asleep.


A little someone I love to call ‘the brat’ keeps talking about Rasam and how she had some good one, but never gives me the recipe since according to her she makes real awful Rasam. I happen to meet a work friend of mine, R, two days back. Discussion moved to food so I asked him if he knew how to make Rasam. His first words were, ‘Amma’s masala’. I pulled a face at this, since there is no way my Amma is making any Rasam masala for me (she does not know how after all).

Today, I have a container full of Rasam on my desk. When I tried thanking him, he brushed it off by saying, it was nothing and that he outsourced it to his wife so that I could get the best Rasam anyways.


Now I sit looking at the watch. Can’t wait to get home, heat up the Rasam as instructed, make hot rice and eat it all. But till then I will be thankful for the friends I have, who do and mean so much by their little acts of caring.

Please stand up

All you people who liked ‘Dabangg’ can you please stand up. I have a few questions to ask.

What was so great about that movie? Seriously am I missing something? Out of shape, stiff as a board Salman Khan trying to do Matt Damon Bourne like stunts and horror of horrors Keanu Reeves Neo style slow-mo backward bend. The guy seems to be having trouble just moving, why make him jump around. To top it off ‘Hum tumme itne ched kardenge..yada yada yada’.

My first movie to watch for the year and I picked Dabangg. I watched only 3 movies last year and if that continues for 2011, it would mean I wasted one on this one? I want to go cry somewhere, after I rant and rave about all the amazing reviews about this movie. I should have listened to D. He did ask me a couple of times, ‘You want to watch a Salman Khan movie?’

Done, back to Salman Khan ban.

hmph.. 😐

Brilliant Business Idea

Week before last saw me reading quite a few cards as friends showed me what they bought. This Monday saw me reading a few more, as they showed off what they got. Over time I have come to realize that I am a card snob. There are very very few cards that I really like. For the rest, I just kind of make do with whatever is in the store. As I scrunched my nose (mentallyof course), I got thinking. I read a lot (of blogs) on a daily basis and love so much of what I read. Between us, we cover all the various emotions. So why not start a card business. We have such good writing and there are so many creative people. We can write something funny, something thoughtful, something mad, something mushy. We will be a hit, I tell you and will mint (not yours Pepper. That one won’t multiply unless you do something about it) so much money from everyday things we write anyways. 

So what say blog people?

Bloggers of the world unite, have nothing to lose but their debts.

Don’t sue me Karl Marx.

Once the idea took place, I went and did some research (in all the years I have worked, I have come to realize that you have to show a working prototype to convince people. SIGH!! People don’t see brilliance right in front of them, till they see visual proof) and came up with some card categories curtsy our blogger friends.

What is a card company without a Birthday Card? But if the card is funny and happy and edible to boot, who can resist it? Miss Smart Ass calls herself a smartass for a reason after all.


A ‘Miss You’ card is of no use if it does not make the recipient of the card not yearn to head back. Who better to make anyone feel ‘the angst of missing a loved one and painting the picture of joy of having you around’ than our very own T?

Then there is the quintessential I-am-so-in-love-marry-me! section in every store. Have you ever noticed how boring they are? Would a girl ever fall for crap like that? So a card by our resident expert in asking the tough questions, a girl’s point of view on how to propose, Rev.

LOVE. Four letter word. Over used like none other, especially in the week past. We seriously need people to write about it without making all of us diabetic. Enter Miss Rays. Love and all the perfect words that go with it, per jara hut ke.

Now a card store just HAS to cater to all the various holidays. How else would they make money? Can you seriously think of anyone better to get in to the spirit of things better than our witchy, madcap, make them laugh till they drop, Sakshi? Come come have a look. This one has Halloween written all over it.

Sorrow, sadness, hurt – the flip side of life. None of us can outrun this. Hope is what makes us carry on through all the black times. Can you find better words to give the much-needed encouragement than the ones, the ever thoughtful, Dew came up with?

Welcoming people back with cards and gifts is common, but a simple ‘you were missed’ is just so blah. Spicing it up and still being honest about it, is Happy Feet. Perfect is the word.

There is so much hoopla about the New Year. So much money gets spent. So many cards bought and sold. But someone has to give it as it is and still make you look forward to it all. Steps in the Nut. Asks the questions that need to be asked and still wishes you happy.

Ever card store needs to have their mark, their own special something. Pepper comes up with that special tadka. ‘Special offer’ cards for all occasions and no occasions at all. Earn point and redeem them as you go. A better offer you will not find. And oh what a way to spice up your otherwise boring life.

There are always things we are thankful about in life. But sometimes we all need a reminder of the little things, when we are down and out. Scribbler gives her special touch to make you count your blessings and smile as you go. A perfect gift for someone, who needs to look beyond the clouds and see the sunshine.

Aah..and how can we not have a card store without a section for Hindi cards. Whispering Moonz enters ever so gracefully with her thoughtful and amazing words. Who can help not be moved by them.

And the good news is that this is not the end. There is a need for that perfect picture to go behind all the words written. Enter Wordless Wednesdays (Swaram, T, Bikram, Smitha, Uma). And what is a card store without e-cards. And what are e-cards without some amazing graphics, Tanishka are you listening?

If you think this is it. Let me tell you the grand expansion plans. Once we have this part of the business going, we can start of a food cafe in the store corner. We have so many amazing cooks in the blog world after all. Uma with her South India food, Sags with her kheer, Pal with her quick to make train dosa, CB with her amazing cakes.

We can rule the world people. Brilliant am I not? So what say, let’s get on with it. But before we do, come on tell me what do we name our business?