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Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola

“Let’s go skiing on Saturday,” he said.
“I am done for the season,” she said.
“We will have fun! Come on,” he said.
“The day trip tires me out completely and I need some rest,” she said.

Back and forth, they went and a compromise was made. Weekend trip to the mountains, a place to stay the night, no TV, no internet.



“Mandola! Me go mandola pe!”
“Gondola baby, Gondola!”
“Noooooo, madola!”


The look in their eyes, the smile on their face, the bounce in their steps as they enter the Gondola, the chant of “Mandola..Mandola..Mandola!” which of course resulted in me singing the song and the two every excited kids asking their questions:

“What is Matru?”
“and Bijlee?”

Mandola, needs no explanation!


The Gondola climbed up at a steady pace and Buzz finally looked around and saw the slope. Her face dropped immediately

“This is a big cliff. I will fall coming down.”
“We will come down an easier slope,” D told her with a smile.


While Buzz and D did their trips up and down the mountain, Bugz and I build snow castle and snow car and snow bus and snowman, all while I took in the view and iced …errr snowed my backside (which I hurt in a fall down the stairs that morning)


The evening was spend fighting over a place to sleep

“I want to sleep on the high bed,” she said.
“It does not have a protection bar, you will fall!” they said.
“I will not! I want to sleep up there,” she stubbornly repeated.

“Me sleep on baby bed,” she said.
“Yeah ‘me’ can sleep on baby bed,” they said.


Finally Buzz did sleep on the top bunk of the bunk bed while we stuffed pillows around her.

Bugz, who wanted to sleep on the trundle bed was forced to sleep on the lower bunk of the bunk bed. And the trundle was left outside to catch either of them, if they fell.


Somewhere in the middle of night, I woke up with a *puduk*. I looked up to see Bugz on the trundle but continuing to sleep. I poked D and he switched her back to the bunk bed.

Next was some *bump*.
“I did not fall, I did not fall! I jumped because I wanted to go to the restroom,” Buzz kept repeating as she ran off.


Morning came with breakfast of eggs and pancakes and it was back up the Mandola. Back to singing, back to skiing, back to playing with snow and back to the amazing view.





Every Sunday Didi gets to go skiing while Bugz stays at home. Not to be left behind Bugz has found her own way out.

Oven mittens and hairbands! And she is seen skiing all around the house. Didi perfected the design a little but all credit for the prototype goes to the littlest member of our household.



Anyone want to come over for a demo?

3rd Law of Motion

Bugz has a mind of her own, a personality so strong that nobody stands a chance in front of her. Which also means that she gets everything her way. Which in turn means that toys are pulled out of Didi’s hand, Didi is pushed, hit, screamed at.. you get the drift, right?

Didi screams:

No thank you!
This is not kind!

to no avail! Of course!

Tired of the tears, I told Buzz that she could retaliate in kind. There was a hair pull for a hair pull, water splash for a water splash, lots of tears from Bugz but no sympathy from anyone.

Yesterday night, the two of them were playing and I turned around just in time to see Bugz push Buzz hard and then she ran out of the room like a bullet and in her hurry hit the wall *baam*

As I held the crying Bugz, I was at a loss to scold her or laugh or explain that Newton’s 3rd law came true for her, just in it’s own different way. Equal and opposite reaction indeed 😀


Saturday night and preps for dinner are on. With Pav Bhaji on the menu, I start taking out the various vegetables from the fridge. Buzz comes and asks , “Can I help Mumma?”

I hand one of the vegetables to her, to carry, when Bugz says, “Me help, me help!” and gets handed another vegetable. Once done, they take turns putting potatoes in the cooker, smiling all the way.

I move on to cutting the vegetables and they move on to their games. They talk and laugh and a little while later Buzz comes and pulls out a pan and Bugz takes out a couple of spatulas. I look over every once in  a while as things get added to their pan. Just as I finish up, they declare their cooking done as well and I am called to get eating.

Welcome to dinner Buzz and Bugz style.


Bonus points if you can identify their various ingredients – Noodles, Pasta, Paneer, Potatoes, Cauliflower and a few more.


Worries of a Dad

Buzz is tall for her age. A couple of inches above the next tallest person in her class tall, 97th percentile or greater in the growth chart for girls tall, a dress size above most kids her age tall. By all calculations and predictions she will be between 5.8 to 5.10 when she grows up, if not taller.

I was at a doctor’s office with Buzz today, where they measured her height and charted it against the national average. 97th percentile her doctor told me.

When D and I met for lunch and I told him the same. “So what did the doctor say? How can we stop her?”, he asked me.

I burst out laughing, of course.

Poor dad is so worried about her little girl growing so tall. “Please stop at 5.8”, he keeps telling her. “Please don’t hit the 6 feet mark”, he prays.

Bugz, who looks short in front of Buzz, is actually a couple of inches ahead of where Buzz was at this age. I wonder if I should bring this aspect of the little one to his notice? It could be interesting to see him freak out and his worry skyrocket!

I wonder, I wonder! *evil Comfy laughs*

Comfort Zone

Buzz and Bugz share a room and have been for over a year now. Buzz sleeps on a mattress on the floor because I am scared of her falling off her bed (she is seen on the floor most nights), while Bugz sleeps in a crib. I hear them talk for a few minutes, after I tuck them in bed each night and their talk is what I open my eyes to each morning. They are happy being together and we are happy with their bonding.

A couple of weekends ago, we were at our friends’ place. It was getting late, so all of us decided to order food and have dinner together. The guys left to pick up dinner and the next thing we know, they were stuck in a snow storm with no way to come back. They somehow made way to our house, while I took Buzz and Bugz to our friends’ guest bedroom  for the night.

Bugz a hater of any kind of change, refused to get in bed.

This this bed, no me ka!

she repeated over and over again. A lot of coaxing, Buzz getting in bed, making it seem like a lot of fun was when finally she did get in. That was followed by a tantrum about the blanket.

This baanket big! Me baanket choota!

A couple of change of blankets and she settled in the bed with her milk. Change of place kept her awake way past her bed time, which meant there was time to pull and pat Didi who was only an arm length away, for a change. What fun! An hour in to it, totally out of patience, I put a pillow between the two of them, gave them a long dirty look and stepped out of the room, with a final warning to sleep.

A very tired Buzz told the little pattaka in a very stern voice,

Bugz ab so jaao, OK?

she said in response.

Buzz was asleep soon after while I could hear Bugz moving around. 15 mins later when all was peaceful, I walked in to see the pillow pushed a little, Bugz sleeping sandwiched between it and her Didi. Could there be a more comfortable spot, I ask?

Polar what?

This morning Buzz wanted to hear ‘Iti se hansi, iti se khushi‘. I was in a hurry so instead of playing it over youtube, I found it on my phone’s playlist and played the song. Buzz and Bugz sang along and danced together.

The next song came on and Bugz starting singing.

Polar Bear..Polar Bear


Maula Mere became Polar Bear for both of them. Case of ‘hearing what we want’ much? 😀