Hello Potter

Mr. Harry Potter has taken over our house. Despite my misgivings she got her wish this summer and she read the whole series. She is too young for the books, I feel, but she insisted and read the seven books.

Now that is all we talk about. There are detailed questions about things she does not understand. There are games about the characters, that she has made up. There are back stories she has given all the characters. ‘They only spoke about Harry growing up, but everyone has a story, right Mumma!’ Even Bugz who was least interested in all the happenings in the world of Mr. Potter knows that Ron and Hermione are the good guys, Diagon Alley is the place where good things happen, Quidditch is the best game there is and Dumbledore is the greatest wizard there is.

The books do get dark as the series progresses and I was worried about how she would handle them. The biggest blessing came in the form of adults during her summer camps. Apparently people don’t think twice about giving spoilers about books. Way before she got to the end of any book, she knew who was going to die and sometimes the how. In her case it was indeed a blessing because she was mentally prepared for it. She was mad at ‘You know who’, ‘Bellatrix’, oh and Snape – so so angry at him! But the only time she shed a tear was on Dobby. That one she could not take. She shut the book and walked away for a good couple of hours. Then again the seventh book was the hardest she found to read. She took the longest time reading it and would not touch it for long durations in the middle.

The child who figured out Santa and Tooth Fairy are not real, all on her own really wants the words of Harry Potter to be real. She wants to visit London and find the entrance to Diagon Alley. She believes that she will get a letter from Hogwarts when she turns 11 and is worried that she will be called a Mudblood. I ask her, ‘How she knows I am not a witch’ and she replies, ‘because you do everything by hand. Our house is not like the Weasley’s.’ When I insist that I am a witch and chose not to use magic, she asks me details about my wand.

Our camping trip this past weekend had both the kids found wood twigs and pretended they were wands. They would stick their wands in the campfire and scream ‘Luminous’ and then run around to make sure the glow on the wands were gone as they screamed ‘Nox’

Why would someone pick dark magic over good magic she does not understand. Was Bellatrix every good? How could Voldemort not know he created another horcrux? The questions are endless and the passion never ending. The world of Harry Potter has another avid entrant.

17 thoughts on “Hello Potter

  1. wow, she read entire series? amazing! She’s all grown up, my little baby girl !

    p.s. the way you’ve written this post and presented the questions there in I’m feeling intrigued to start reading it, you have hit the curiosity button inside me! You should get some royalty for this, I’m telling you, from Rowling!

    1. If you haven’t read the books I would definitely recommend them. I re-read them a second time this summer as well and enjoyed them as much as I did the first time around.

  2. Sweet! I can’t believe she read the whole series. Kudos to her. Buzz and I will have a lot to talk about and share when we meet 😊
    Please plan a trip to universal studios. The Harry Potter set there is amazing. They have everything from hogwarts to kings cross to hogsmede to diagon alley. She would love to get lost in the world of wizardry just the way I did when I visited.

  3. wow! Whole series?! And I am still waiting to get my hands on the last book! Way to go Buzz! I think its good she got the spoilers so that it did not shock her… Just a couple of days ago I was thinking I have to wait until Sam turns atleast 10 before introducing him to HP. Though I am a huge fan of the series and can read, re-read, watch and re-watch any number of times 🙂

    1. She has read the original 7. Haven’t read the new book, since I haven’t worked on getting it yet 🙂

      Her school library has a few copies and she used to see older kids always with these books so she got on my case to let her read as well. I would say 10 is a good age to start.

  4. Has she read the cursed child? I recently read it..in play form but i actually liked it. Maybe something you can do together as mom and daughter. I really don’t know when I will start mine of on HP. Such a huge momentous step. I used to think I would wait till she was 10 but after reading this post, maybe that is too far off. Definitely take her to Universal.

    1. No she hasn’t. I want to read it before she starts so that I can help her if there is anything to she needs help with. But once the book comes home, it will be impossible to keep it away from her. I am still working out the logistics on that 😐 As for a good time, kids always let you know when they are ready. We just have to be listening.

  5. that’s cool.. somehow Adi is not fascinated by this series.. she thinks its too scary to even try.. I bought the first book in the series and it is still untouched.. some day may be may be not.. I didn’t bring it up as a topic and left the choice with her..

      1. hmm.. she is too old to read along with me.. I tried tricks like reading it myself in front of her but still she doesn’t seem to like it.. I didn’t make it a big deal to her.. Just wondering how she didn’t like it when it attracted almost every other kid..

  6. Oh wow! Reading the whole series already? That’s amazing Comfy.
    I love HP and I picked the last one as soon as it was released because I just couldn’t not 🙂 Can’t wait for Zo to start reading to this extent and then reading this wonderful, wonderful series.

    P.S. I read the first one when I was 17 and even *I* hoped it was all real and true 🙂

  7. Just saw this post…exactly same scenario in our house. My daughter is 9 now finished the full series when she was 8 and re read it past summer. We took her to Universal this summer and she was thrilled to bits. Truly magical… and like you I read it along with her and this was my first time..it was so addictive.. she finished the 8th one also and is now reading the illustrated version..neighbor loaned it to her… border of obsession…and my little one watches the movies with her and knows all about it also…

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