New Year Resolution

Almost at the end of August, the 8th month of the year, and I write a New Year Resolution. Late am I, or what?

The night of December 31st, eve of the New Year, we were at a friends place. We were there for only a little while as there was somewhere else we needed to be in an hour’s time. While the adults mingled, the kids were upstairs playing together. Soon it was time to leave and we called to kids to go. Bugz came down with her regular huge smile, talking mile a minute but Buzz looked very subdues. After repeated asks about what was wrong, she quietly said, “the girls were mean to me.”

A big reassuring hug to her and we moved towards the door. As D opened the door, the hostess came and asked us not to forget to write our New Years Resolution on the poster by the door. While we thought about ‘eating right’, ‘working out’ – the usual resolutions, Buzz picked up the pen and wrote ‘Be Kind!’

Buzz has been in drama camp all week and today there was a performance for the parents. The kids were amazing, funny, confident, silly – perfect kids. At the end of the performance there were certificates for all the kids with one word to best describe them per the coaches. They were creative, happy, focused, funny. And then her name was called and she was ‘kind’

A check for the New Year Resolution and how! We are so very proud of you sweet Buzz, so very proud!

6 thoughts on “New Year Resolution

  1. Wow! Big big Kudos to Buzz! I have goosebumps reading this. Buzz is so perfect with her resolution. Wish all kids had such wonderful thoughts. We just shifted places – new school and the kid comes home on day-1 saying, no one spoke to me and they were all so mean to me… “Fitting-in to a peer group is so important to kids that they get hurt so quick. I am so glad Buzz acted upon it.

    Very proud of you, Buzz! Stay blessed, always…

  2. Your little girl has such a big heart, you know? Give her a hug from me. It isn’t easy being kind and I know it is one I struggle with everyday, trying to put myself in the other person’s shoes, to be just a little more patient, just a little less urgent and hurried. Kisses. Just what I needed to read today.

  3. Buzz, stay blessed always. At times, small kids can also be quite mean to each other. I love her new year resolution.

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