Chat Chat Chatter

Dear Bugz,

The phone rang today and before I could say “Hello”, you had it in your hands and were talking away. I was only invited to the conversation to help explain, what you were saying, to the other person on the line. Excitedly you talked and I looked on with a smile.

Everyday during pickup there is some new story about your talks from one or the other teacher at school. You stop in the middle of the road to talk to a stranger. You chat up people in the pool, while they are trying to swim. You talk about school, your teachers, your friends, your ladybug backpack, the books you like, how Didi and you landed up in the same swim class, your plans to ski during the winter, your new car seat, gummy bears, ice-cream, letter sounds, songs – the list is endless.

Your Didi is the shy one, who does not even say hello to people she knows, so it has been a slow realization for your Paa and me that you are the exact opposite. We are not used to having to watch what our child says to people and then to have to look horrified and apologize to some stranger at the gym, just because you called out to him, “You silly guy, why are you not wearing a shirt?” is definitely an experience. While we are still learning the pitfalls of a talkative child, we can only be thankful for your still baby voice which makes understanding what you say a little difficult for people who are not used to hearing you talk.

Every time we talk to family, they only want to talk to you. Well because you talk back. Your giggles, your laughs and your non-stop chatter keeps them entertained. You also have your pet phrases for everyone. There is “funny Nana!”, “when will you come here?” for S Mami, “Russo!” for Bua, “We will come for Christmas!” for Mama and Mami and the list goes on.

I look back at the time when as a year old, you hardly spoke a word. Your Paa was so worried for you and I would laugh as say, “Wait till she starts and then she won’t stop.” You have proved me right and how! Even when there are times when I put my hands up and ask you to stop, I wish you a world full of happy conversations. Stay happy, stay healthy, stay you – my dear little chatterbox.

Loads of love,

8 thoughts on “Chat Chat Chatter

  1. Ahh…how I wish I would call you and get to speak with the sweetheart instead!! ☺
    God bless the sweet talkative darling.
    P.S: Pray she doesn’t reprimand Salman Khan for not wearing a shirt. 😂

  2. Awww! I can so imagine… Makes me want to hear her talk!!
    Mine has become a chatterbox too.. but only with friends and family… still shy with the others!

  3. Hi,there -first time commenting here. It is such a fun age. I have a preschooler who pinches (if we are not watchful) people who wear short dresses or shorts and asks why she/he is not wearing a pant. Can it get any embarrassing? We need to rush her to the next aisle, if we see someone under dressed according to her standards.No tank tops and shorts allowed in my household.

  4. *note to self* A full one month late to see this post here. Not nice.!

    Ah, this girl reminds me of..well..myself 😉
    Strangers, friends, relatives and even dogs and squirrels on the road would not be spared:D
    Was nicknamed the ‘chatterbox’ from the youngest age I remember.
    So, please pass on my friendliest ‘Hi Five!’ to Bugz, will you? Tell her she is AWESOME! Keep talking 🙂

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