The Question

Bugz currently is that stage of life where play rules and food loses every time in front of it. Even with her favorite meal she gets distracted in a little bit and starts out on some game or another, so imagine the plight of the food she is not fond of? In an effort to avoid battle lines being drawn over dinner table where the two of us stand on opposite sides, I poured my creative juices in to the mix. There was coaxing her to finish her meal, there was putting the food away to eat later when she was hungry, there was ‘no playing at the dinning table’ rule, there was award for finishing her plate. Needless to say nothing worked, but the sight of food being wasted every day was something that was getting to me.

On my very edge, I spoke to her about wasting food and how there were kids going hungry. Buzz got interested as well and the two of them started asking questions. Excited to see that they were thinking about the concept, I searched online and started showing them pictures of malnourished kids. The pictures were very graphic, and I could see that the two of them were a little shaken. The questions started again as they saw one picture after the other.

– Why are they not eating
– Why do they not have food?
– Why don’t their parents get food from the store?

And then Buzz comes up with the question of the day:
If people are so poor that they don’t have food to eat, why do they have babies?

at which point all things came to a halt as I grappled to find the right answer. The question has been asked a couple of times since and I still have not answer that I think will work. Please help if you can!

4 thoughts on “The Question

  1. a profound question!! this may not justify but you can probably tell her that it is in the hope of a better future.. that even though they cannot afford to get food today, they have hope and faith that their life will get better in future and making babies is time bound.. may be…

  2. The same scene took place in our home whenever I asked A Jr to have milk. Whenever he refused I told him his milk is going to kids who need it. He obliged then…but well didn’t pose the question the mighty Buzz did!
    May be you can tell her that the kids’ parents are working hard and they will get food. Their parents love them and are working towards it…?

  3. A tough cookie that one! I often think in the same lines, why do they have babies..when they cannot feed themselves? 😦

    Have no satisfactory answer..especially for a lil inquisitive kid.

    That said, my 5 yr old ate up her dinner last night and said “Amma, you know I really didn’t like that side dish, but I finished anyway because there are so many kids who don’t have anything to eat at all!”


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