Rapid Fire with Bugz

Comfy proposes, real life disposes!
So much for proclamations of being a regular, but rather than crying over what is – let’s begin with asking the ever spontaneous, forever in motion, little bunny of the house,  Bugz a few questions.

Favorite Food: Pasta with Pesto sauce, yes that sauce is very important and PANEER!
Favorite Color: Pink, duh!
Favorite Show: Cat in the hat
Favorite Song: Ball gana, or Mr. India parody song from what Mom keeps calling it.
Favorite Sport: Skiing! I can ski, did anyone tell you? Yes, I can!
Favorite Art to do: Cutting! Anything to cut and I am for it. I can make any shape, or imagine shape as per Mom, all I need is lots of paper and a scissor. For extra credits, give me some glue.
Favorite Game to play: Pretend cooking. I love to get everything I can lay my hands on from the kitchen and cook away.
Want to be when you grow up: A cook, of course!
Favorite Thing to Say: No Didi!
Mom’s Favorite Thing to Say: Bugz, Clean up.
Your response to that: AGAIN!
Reaction when you don’t get your way: Start coughing, which may or may not result in to throwing up. Gets immediate response.
Picky about: How my blanket is spread when I go to sleep. It has to touch this part of the wall and not that one. It has to fall like this and not go there. All important stuff, I hope you understand.
Don’t like doing: My letters and numbers. Writing them is still kind of OK but mostly it is all boring.
Current grown up thing to do: Give up nap. I would be much more successful if the people in the house would let me sleep at 5:00 in the evening.
Candy love: I don’t like chaloclate, but lollypop I can’t resist. Ice-creams are another favorite but again no chaloclate.
Last thing to say before you sleep: “Hum kab uthega?”, meaning “What time will we wake up?”

Thank you Bugz for your precious time but before we go, we wanted to share something special Bugz’ teacher wanted us to share with all of you. Here is Bugz’ “Mommy and Me” responses from Mother’s day. Till next time — 


8 thoughts on “Rapid Fire with Bugz

  1. Woww Bugz…your list is quite thorough my dear! I agree with chaloclate. Your mom seems to be too hard on you. Afterall you are giving her a chance to clean, which she loves to do na…still…? 😉

    1. Her too? Oh My! How do you live with it? It drives me nuts every single night!!!
      Err..not a compliment, more like this is only number she could think of at that time. Two months back I was 6. I am growing up at a very rapid pace you see :mrgreen:

  2. Cook and clean? Haha Comfy, super awesome 😉
    And tell me, was that Buzz, or Bugz? I still feel she is a little baby 😛 So much time passed by already?:O

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