Rapid fire with Buzz

She is sensitive, she is creative, she loves to have a good time. Today for our rapid fire, to answer some of our questions, we have with us the first member to reach the pinnacles of success on this blog. Please welcome Buzz, the Bee.

Welcome Buzz and let’s begin with the questions.

Favorite Food: Kadhi, though everyone in my school think it is ‘curry’ and that gets me mad!
Favorite Color: Blue, the Elsa blue you know.
Favorite Sport: American football, though I am little sad this year. Let’s not talk about that.
Favorite Show: Magic school bus, Ms. Frizzle is so much fun!
Favorite Song: Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson. Let’s rock!
Favorite thing to do in winter: Ski, and next year I am getting ski poles for the first time. Can’t wait!
Favorite thing to do in school: Learning about penguins. Emperor, Chinstrap, Height, Weight, Habitat – I know it all.
Favorite way to spend time: Reading books, there are so many great stories to read now that I can read chapter books.
Favorite body part: My heart!
What do you want to be when you grow up: A soccer player. I want to be just like Messi!
What really upsets you: The thought of my parents growing sick and old. They have to always stay strong, no other way around it.
Most repeated sentence: Mumma can I help? But she always says, “Not today baby.”
Most looking forward to: The next birthday in the family, I get to pick the cake. It’s going to be an ice-cream cake, but don’t tell anyone.
Most want to learn: To play chess and basketball and ice-skating and.. do I have to pick only one?
Really good at: hmm I don’t know, everyone says art but I think I can run really fast.
Currently showing-off: Skip traversing a monkey back, because doing every single bar is so boring and easy.
Waiting anxiously for: My tooth to fall, though Mumma does not believe that it is wiggling a teeny tiny bit.
Want desperately to believe: That tooth fairies are real. I question how they can come inside the house when all the doors and windows are locked. I think I know the answer but it what I think is true then what will happen when my tooth actually breaks? They have to be real, that’s final.
Really excited about: Mrs. Y coming to school tomorrow with her baby. She was my teacher and then had to go away to have a baby. Now Ms. P teaches us and she is good but we get to see the baby. So exciting! *big yawn*

Buzz is really sleepy now and can’t keep her eyes open so let’s all thank her now for her time and we will see you in the next edition of Rapid Fire.

Signing out!

7 thoughts on “Rapid fire with Buzz

  1. Woooow! time flies…. I was amazed to read that Buzz has grown big enough to have wobbly milk teeth. Loved catching up with all she likes through this fun rapid fire post.
    Lots of love to Buzz & Bugz πŸ˜€

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