Spin a yarn

Baby wolf wanted to play with the bad Papa.. Hansel and Gretel’s bad Papa..

Me: But in Hansel and Gretel, the mom is bad.

Noooo, baby wolf wanted to play with bad Papa!

Me: Ok, then?

Papa said “no!” so baby wolf got sad.. cry cry kiya baby wolf.. Bad Papa ran away. Then baby wolf was all alone 😥

Me: Did Mumma come then?

No, the baby was alone!

Me: OK

Then a baby squirrel came.

Me: Did they play together?

Haan, a little bit. Then the baby squirrel ate the baby wolf’s laptop

Me: Oh no!

Baby wolf shouted “NOOOOO!” Then baby squirrel got a tummy ache and started crying. Then mumma squirrel came, picked up baby squirrel and said “It’s OK!”

Me: Then

Then baby squirrel had to go potty. Then the tummy ache became better.

Me: Oh OK!

Then baby bird came. She said “chirp chirp chirp!” Baby squirrel wanted to play with baby bird but the baby bird flew away. Baby squirrel was sad 😦

Then baby wolf came back again and ate baby squirrel’s laptop. Mumma wolf came and scolded baby wolf.

Me: hmmm

Then baby wolf was sleepy so he went nini. Mumma gave baby wolf his blanket, his stuffed dog, his sippy cup and said “Now sleep! No talking!” Mumma gave a kissy and baby wolf went to sleep.



18 thoughts on “Spin a yarn

  1. Moral of the story: Mama Wolfiny needs to hide the laptop and do posts only when baby wolf is sleeping…that is after playing and doing potty 👿

    Precious Comfy…give a big big hug to her from me.

    1. Why do you think this has anything to do with my laptop? 😛

      I wish I did actually have it because it was an hour long story that I have forgotten in part 😦

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