3rd Law of Motion

Bugz has a mind of her own, a personality so strong that nobody stands a chance in front of her. Which also means that she gets everything her way. Which in turn means that toys are pulled out of Didi’s hand, Didi is pushed, hit, screamed at.. you get the drift, right?

Didi screams:

No thank you!
This is not kind!

to no avail! Of course!

Tired of the tears, I told Buzz that she could retaliate in kind. There was a hair pull for a hair pull, water splash for a water splash, lots of tears from Bugz but no sympathy from anyone.

Yesterday night, the two of them were playing and I turned around just in time to see Bugz push Buzz hard and then she ran out of the room like a bullet and in her hurry hit the wall *baam*

As I held the crying Bugz, I was at a loss to scold her or laugh or explain that Newton’s 3rd law came true for her, just in it’s own different way. Equal and opposite reaction indeed 😀

16 thoughts on “3rd Law of Motion

  1. While your post made me smile. I feel so sorry for Bugz . She is a baby.. she is allowed to do some of those ok?

    Can you give a big tight hug to my Buzz.she is a sweetheart !!

  2. Dear Bugz

    For the one day we share, can I say you are exactly like me! I would trouble my brother EXACTLY the same way..unfortunately the guy never retaliated. He even has a bald patch on the top of his head to prove my meaness of hair pulling.

    Newton may have come up with loads of laws..dont bother about them too much…carry on

    RM Masi

  3. This is exactly the same scene in my house too.
    Poor VK is always bullied by the junior..and he comes complaining to me.
    I haven’t told him yet to hit back.. but at the rate its happening, sooner than later he might do it himself. Poor first borns !

    1. Ha Ha! Buzz is too nice. I started feeling sorry for her and could not get myself to utter, ‘its ok, Bugz is only a kid’, one more time. So this was my solution 😳

  4. Poor Bugz baby. Hope she didn’t hurt herself. (The older sister in me though, has her heart going out to Buzz. Poor baccha. Knowing her, I am sure she is the silently sehne wali.But, now that I am 30, I can assure you that this behavior goes around in circles, once in a while :D)

  5. This post made me laugh and I felt like I could have been the one writing this post 🙂

    Hope Bugz was not hurt too badly and Buzz – you are an awesome big sister 🙂

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