Saturday night and preps for dinner are on. With Pav Bhaji on the menu, I start taking out the various vegetables from the fridge. Buzz comes and asks , “Can I help Mumma?”

I hand one of the vegetables to her, to carry, when Bugz says, “Me help, me help!” and gets handed another vegetable. Once done, they take turns putting potatoes in the cooker, smiling all the way.

I move on to cutting the vegetables and they move on to their games. They talk and laugh and a little while later Buzz comes and pulls out a pan and Bugz takes out a couple of spatulas. I look over every once in  a while as things get added to their pan. Just as I finish up, they declare their cooking done as well and I am called to get eating.

Welcome to dinner Buzz and Bugz style.


Bonus points if you can identify their various ingredients – Noodles, Pasta, Paneer, Potatoes, Cauliflower and a few more.


18 thoughts on “Masterchef

  1. Of course I see it all! Noodles, pasta, paneer, potatoes and cauliflower! All cooked perfectly and seasoned beautifully and looking absolutely delicious! I’m hungry now!

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