We took her to a ski resort over the Christmas holidays. She loved playing in the snow, throwing snow balls and skiing with Papa. The next time she got to go to a ski resort was weekend before last. The minute she saw Didi’s skis, she claimed them as her own. It took a lot of persuasion and promise of “we will ski later” for her to let Didi get on the skis.

Soon after she was standing atop my skis, while I was harnessed in the bindings.

Me ski Mumma saath!

A couple of rounds around with her and D took her inside, while I took Buzz up the ‘cliff’, as she calls it. When we were done for the day, she came running again.

Me ski, me ski!

Alas the boots and skis are too big for her and not wanting her to get hurt, we distracted her while we walked back to the car.

This morning, she ran down to wave bye to Didi and Papa but they were gone. Now Bugz in the garage can only mean one thing, EXPLORATION! Paa who is in town went to look after her and called me to come look.

Didi’s skis were on the floor, her boots in her feet (wrong feet of course!), helmet on backwards, as she tried to pull the goggles off its place on the helmet and on to her eyes. I fixed the helmet, perched the goggles on her eyes. She smiled and went off to the skis. The rest of the time was spent, trying to get on them, much to my amusement.

Papa forget the elder one, your younger one is ready to go Ski!

14 thoughts on “1..2..3..Ski

  1. omg, such cuteness. can i gobble her up?
    bugz baby, once you’re become a little pro at skiing (which you will, in no time), can you please teach me to ski? i promise i will be a good student.

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