Worries of a Dad

Buzz is tall for her age. A couple of inches above the next tallest person in her class tall, 97th percentile or greater in the growth chart for girls tall, a dress size above most kids her age tall. By all calculations and predictions she will be between 5.8 to 5.10 when she grows up, if not taller.

I was at a doctor’s office with Buzz today, where they measured her height and charted it against the national average. 97th percentile her doctor told me.

When D and I met for lunch and I told him the same. “So what did the doctor say? How can we stop her?”, he asked me.

I burst out laughing, of course.

Poor dad is so worried about her little girl growing so tall. “Please stop at 5.8”, he keeps telling her. “Please don’t hit the 6 feet mark”, he prays.

Bugz, who looks short in front of Buzz, is actually a couple of inches ahead of where Buzz was at this age. I wonder if I should bring this aspect of the little one to his notice? It could be interesting to see him freak out and his worry skyrocket!

I wonder, I wonder! *evil Comfy laughs*

26 thoughts on “Worries of a Dad

  1. So either you or D must be tall no? Wow! 5.8…sigh! I wish I had that height..didnt you tell D that tall girls are a rage now..everyone wants to be tall :):)

    Dear Buzz

    this masi is super jealous of your height.

    Always a shorty

    1. I point all fingers at D 😀

      It is good to be tall, RM but not so very tall that it starts to look crazy odd, that is his biggest fear. For now, I am laughing through it. Nothing much I can do, now can it? 🙂

  2. Wow! You are going to have some tall kids! And that is brilliant. At 5.4″, I so wish that I was at-least 4 inches taller.

    Haha, If you want to be more evil, tell D that HE is the reason for both the kids being so tall (Taking cue from your above reply to RM). 😛

  3. Aww. I should show you my LKG class photo – people used to wonder if I flunked class cos I was easily two heads taller than most kids. But it evens out after a while. And being tall is cool – I can’t think of too many instances where I have wished I was shorter (and I am not even that tall – only 5′ 7″) – except maybe when you are travelling on Indian trains :D. Yay to taller girls.

    1. Re.. Buzz and you same to same. People think she is at least a couple of years older than she actually is because of her height.
      Tall girls are awesome but we are worried about the giant category 😀

      1. Haha. No way she will look like a giant. Revs and I had a common school mate who was almost 6 feet and she is one of the prettiest girls I’ve known. Is Bugz following her sister in this height business? 🙂

  4. but why is dad worried?? first thing that comes to my mind after hearing the about the height is she can be a really good model with that height.. :). nice basket ball player.. and what not..

  5. I am laughing loud at D’s question How can we stop her?

    This reminds me of R asking me similar questions where he knows I can’t do anything still he would expect me to say its going to be OK. Men!!

  6. Hi! Just started reading you and I enjoy reading about the doings of Buzz and Bugz. Our little one at 17 months is really tall too at 97 percentile and more consistently since birth. Really funny as I am just 5’4” and the husband is just 5’9” and the tallest in both our immediate families. I am hoping she gets to 5′ 8” and above. And doesn’t stall during her teens.

  7. Papas say the funniest things – I have a friend whose husband on being informed during the ultra sound that they were having a boy – asked the doctor, “Can you make it a girl please?”.

    Ofcourse, we laugh till date and he will never be allowed to forget that remark 😀

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