Winter Olympics through her eyes

– Skiing, snowboarding, ice racing are all good but Ice dancing is what catches our fancy. Again men don’t count, it is all about the ladies.

– Their dresses are so special: jewels, sparkles, treasures!

– We can see their underwear every time they turn, bend, jump. he he he

– Do they not feel cold on the ice?

– How do they get so much ice in one place?

– How do they put the Olympic symbol and colors through the ice?

– Oh look at her going round and round in circles. Oh so pretty!

– Why do some people fall during jumps?

– Which country is she from?

– Oh Russia, she drove here? The rest took the airplane!

– Can you record it for us? Where the girls dance? Please?

17 thoughts on “Winter Olympics through her eyes

    1. I think it is to do with all the focus on theirs. Since the time they can comprehend, their parents are after them to get out of diapers and singing praise of underwear. And the focus stays, for 2-3 years till they are comfortable. Given this, it takes them a while to get over their fascination of the same 🙂

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