Comfort Zone

Buzz and Bugz share a room and have been for over a year now. Buzz sleeps on a mattress on the floor because I am scared of her falling off her bed (she is seen on the floor most nights), while Bugz sleeps in a crib. I hear them talk for a few minutes, after I tuck them in bed each night and their talk is what I open my eyes to each morning. They are happy being together and we are happy with their bonding.

A couple of weekends ago, we were at our friends’ place. It was getting late, so all of us decided to order food and have dinner together. The guys left to pick up dinner and the next thing we know, they were stuck in a snow storm with no way to come back. They somehow made way to our house, while I took Buzz and Bugz to our friends’ guest bedroom  for the night.

Bugz a hater of any kind of change, refused to get in bed.

This this bed, no me ka!

she repeated over and over again. A lot of coaxing, Buzz getting in bed, making it seem like a lot of fun was when finally she did get in. That was followed by a tantrum about the blanket.

This baanket big! Me baanket choota!

A couple of change of blankets and she settled in the bed with her milk. Change of place kept her awake way past her bed time, which meant there was time to pull and pat Didi who was only an arm length away, for a change. What fun! An hour in to it, totally out of patience, I put a pillow between the two of them, gave them a long dirty look and stepped out of the room, with a final warning to sleep.

A very tired Buzz told the little pattaka in a very stern voice,

Bugz ab so jaao, OK?

she said in response.

Buzz was asleep soon after while I could hear Bugz moving around. 15 mins later when all was peaceful, I walked in to see the pillow pushed a little, Bugz sleeping sandwiched between it and her Didi. Could there be a more comfortable spot, I ask?

31 thoughts on “Comfort Zone

  1. Comfy, I tell you the most wonderful spot I had was between the two girls, each one hugging me from both the sides. Its divine bliss and so peaceful !! This was possible here in India, where children sleeping alone is not so compulsory. My daughters started only when they reached their teens !
    Love the girls bonding…its very important for them. Helps them through their life.
    Muah to the girls !

    1. It is not compulsory here either. I started them in their room because the two of them move so much at night that I was getting no sleep at all. All day at work and no sleep at night was taking a toll on my health.
      I might claim my spot once they are a little older and not fidget so much in their sleep 😛

  2. One of the fondest memories from my childhood is all my cousins sleeping in one room. The meaningless banter, the discussing boys, the secrets that adults are trying to hide, and so many more! This post reminded me of all that. Mmuahs to you girls

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