Bugz talk

Some nights I wake up to her screaming, ‘Blanket!’ I stumble to her room, cover her with her blanket. Sometimes she then asks for ‘Paani’ (water). Not to get her in to a habit of asking for water every night, I tell her I will get it in a bit and walk back to my room. She falls asleep in less than a minute, water forgotten.

Same thing happened again. As per norm, I was back in my bed and sleeping in a couple of minutes. The next thing I remember is hearing her chant:

Mumma no coming! Mumma no coming!


After playing with Didi, drinking her milk, it was time to go downstairs. As usual, I held out my hand for her to hold. She refused and wanted to be picked up. I tried reasoning with her, but she wanted to be picked up and carried down.

Picking her up, I started walking down the stairs when she patted me on my shoulder and said,



I was telling her my version of the ‘animal teaching her how to dance’ story by RM (RM please send a link and I will link it here). At one point she asked,

No peecup?
Peecup, what peecup baby?
Peecup, dance dance! Where peecup?

Pee in a cup? Dancing with it? Lost, I looked around and then it came to me. “Then Peacock spread his wings and showed everyone how to dance”

Haan, peecup dance dance, aise!


Kuncle kahaan hein?

she asked her aunty.

Kuncle office mein?

Don’t know about your house, but talks of kuncle (uncle) are very common in ours.


Nana has been gone for a month now. Every time we ask her where he is, she replies,


Is Nana at Maama’s place? Is he with Maami? Every question is meet with,

No, Nana airport mein!

“Lets go get Nana”, I told her.

Airport se?

So yeah, Nana has spend a month at the airport and now we are going to get him back from there.


20 thoughts on “Bugz talk

  1. Meanie mumma!
    Is ‘uncle’ even a word? Oxford dictionary has ‘kuncle’ alright. But what’s uncle? Really?


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