The best part

We had a parade in town and I asked Buzz if she wanted to go. Super excited, she nodded.

Then came the rules:
– It will be very loud, will you get upset?
– It will be a long wait, will you keep asking how much longer?
– It will be very cold, will you cry over that?

‘No’, she said with every rule.

Next morning we bundled her in her warmest clothes, put hand warmers, food and water in our backpack and left for the Parade.

It was indeed loud, the wait oh so long and so so so cold. Buzz kept her word for most parts. There were a few moments about being cold, till she got the hand warmers warming her up. There were a few tears about the parade not starting after a long wait, especially when the marching band stood in front of us doing nothing for a long long time. #JoysOfStandingRightAtTheStartOfTheParade

Then the police came atop horses, which distracted Buzz for a long while. The horses were smelly and so tall if anyone cares to know Buzz’s reaction to them.

Wait wait wait, finally ended with the marching band starting their walk. The main attractions of the parade came down. There was cheering, screaming, waving, clapping, smiling from Buzz while she had the best seat in town – atop D’s shoulders.

When all was done, and we walked back to our car, we asked her what her favorite part was.

The horsy pooped on the road!

The answer has been consistent since, to all enquires. #Duh #WeCouldHaveTakenHerToAnAnimalFarmInstead

24 thoughts on “The best part

    1. Her teachers were so excited for her. They all wanted to know what she saw and she told them ‘Horsy pooping on the street’. Their reaction was awesome to watch 😀

  1. *giggle* Btw, where was Bugz when all this was happening? First I thought maybe you left her home with D and just went with Buzz. But then Buzz sat on his shoulder. So he was there too! So where was Her Highness when all this was happening?

    1. She was home with the nanny. We were scared she would get lost in the crowd, given that she hates to hold hands and loves to run in all directions.

      Yeah yeah, all you people will call her cute only 😛

      1. Oh, I have been reading you for ages now! I thought that the most courteous thing to do will be to finally write something here.
        Love your Kids! Love your writing! Happy valentine’s day! 🙂

  2. Reminded me of a time when the OH & I went to the circus with Meg when she was probably the same age as Buzz and she thought the most exciting thing through the entire circus act was the elephants and how much they pooped 🙂

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