Just as we are – Bugz

I hear her cry and rush to her room. There she cries, in her crib, eyes shut tight, still caught in the world of her dreams. I try waking her; the dream’s hold is too strong. I trying soothing her; she pushes my hands away. I try talking to her; she screams on. I sit by her crib, alternating between doing this and that. Sometimes I massage her head, sometimes I hold her hand, sometimes I sing to her, sometimes I tell her she is safe with me – all till she lets me and then I switch to the next.

It is heartbreaking to see her cry like that. The helpless feeling of not being able to help. The first time this happened, after trying a bunch of things to soothe her, I tried picking her up and holding her. She fought so hard that she almost hurt herself in the process. Lesson learned. She needs to find her way out. I can help in little ways but she is the one who needs to wake up and stop crying. It is difficult to put in to words what I feel during those times.

Somewhere as minutes go by Buzz wakes up and sits next to me. And we double our efforts. We talk and we soothe. She finally opens her eyes but the crying goes on. But it gets easier from ten on. ‘Do you want to read a book?’ ‘Do you want to play outside?’ ‘Do you want to take a bath?’ ‘Do you want to jump on Mumma’s bed?’ ‘Do you want to go for a drive?’. Most questions are met with a ‘no’, as she cries on, till something catcher her fancy. The crying stop immediately, her smile comes on as bright as the sun after a storm and off she is chattering about something or the other.


Between 7:15-7:30 in the morning is wake up time. Her body clock is set. The first thing she does as soon as she wakes up is calls out, ‘Didi’ and they start off with their game of throwing toys in and out of the crib. 10 mins in to the game, when she has had enough, she calls out ‘Mumma’, in increasing decibels, till Mumma shows up at the door of course.


Every single thing around her is ‘Baby’. Her blanket is baby blanket, her roti is baby roti, her dress is baby dress, her shoes are baby shoes, her book is baby book. Not because it is actually for a baby but because they are baby in comparison to ours and more importantly Didi’s. And she loves it all for being different.

Only exception is her towel. ‘Me biiiiiigggg towel,’ she will tell anyone who listens.


As she learns her colors – geeeen, buee, back, peeennkk, bubble, elloow, baaooon – she mixes them up just for fun. One day yellow became back and there was no going back. If asked to point to yellow or black, she will point to them correctly but point to yellow and ask her what color it is, ‘back’ she will say and give you her biggest smile.


Music she loves! The radio is forever playing, in the hopes of hearing the absolute favorite ‘Tiger gana’ (Eye of the tiger by Katy Perry) but as various songs play out she screams ‘Mumma gana’, ‘Papa gana’, ‘Didi gana’, ‘Aunty gana’ – all based on songs we have told her we like or she has heard us humming.

And dare anyone so much as sings a note out of a song that is someone else’s gana, there is hell to pay. Ask me about the day I was dancing along ‘Timber’ and the beating I got for singing ‘Aunty gana’.


In my secret mission to teach them a few of my favorite Hindi songs growing up, I sing out loud as I go about dressing them, feeding them, giving them a bath. Buzz has picked up most of the lyrics but not to be left behind, Bugz chimes in at all the important parts.

Baar baar dekho, hazar baar dekho…

Taali ho, taali ho, taali ho – she screams

Hawa ke saath saath, ghatta ke sung sung..
O saathi chaaaaaallllll – she sings

Lakdi ke kaathi, kaathi pe ghooda..
tabak tabak – she shouts


Onion, or pyaaz as she calls it, is her food love. She will eat most anything till she gets a bite of pyaaz after it. Dahi will do in lue of pyaaz but you better not push your luck too far.


Her favorite book is “It’s not easy being a bunny”. As  P. J. Funnybunny goes about living with bear, bird, moose and so on, she is forever smiling and talking along.


She got in to my closet while I was not looking and pulled out my bag. (I like to call it my India bag because that is the one I take with me on my trip back home)

She knows she is not supposed to take things out of my closet but the temptation is too much. She sees me looking and runs out full throttle and only stops when she gets downstairs. Busy in my morning chores and knowing there is nothing of any importance in that bag, I let her be.

When I go downstairs after a few minutes, she is sitting on the sofa, opening and closing zips. I look again and she sees me looking, holding on to the bag tight. Without saying anything, I look away and get to my work. Every time I look at her, she is looking right back at me, clutching the bag to herself.

The bag is only dumped aside when she realizes 1. there is nothing in it and 2. and more importantly I am not going to take it away from her.


There was a time before Bugz, that I would not let Buzz touch my hair. My out of control hair was off limits. Come Bugz, stop has no meaning. So does ‘no’. As I sit to relax in the evening, she runs up to my bathroom and brings two combs down. Hands one to Didi, the other one is hers. She takes off my clip and then starts mission pull mom’s hair..err.. Mumma’s hair cut.

No, stop, ouch, running away – are no use.


I was complaining to D about the number of gray hair I now have. D replied back with, I could always color my hair but what could he do about his hair loss.

Unknown to us, in the middle of a serious conversation Bugz brought one of her crayons and starting coloring my hair. So what if it was red in color?

D was thankful I did not talk about gluing some hair on his scalp.


Her absolute favorite thing to do these days is to give Didi a hug and then she holds on tight and does not let go. Didi who has had enough of these hugs, tries to run away. A chase is given, Didi is caught (since Didi is not up to full speed yet, given the ankle), hug is given and full weight put in to it. To make things worse Didi can’t take Bugz full weight and so the game continues.

Again saying no or stop is futile.


It was Didi’s performance yesterday night and Bugz was beyond excited. She waited for Didi impatiently through all the rest and was out of her seat to run to Didi as Didi walked on to the stage with her class. The threat of ‘someone would take away her seat if she did not sit’ was the only thing that made her sit else Didi’s class would have had an extra member dancing with them. And there is not one doubt about that.


And that brings us to the close of all things Bugz in the year 2013

8 thoughts on “Just as we are – Bugz

  1. First tell me what happened to Buzz’s ankle? Is she alright? I think I missed some of your posts 😦

    All those hindi songs are my favorite too…muahh to all the 3 of you.

    I hope Bugz nightmare will stop soon. It hurts to read it, poor baby.

    Haa…I feel so glad to hear that naughty mumma got a good spanking 👿

    loads of love and happy new year to all of you.

  2. Your modern girl is trying to tell mum to color her hair with some nice red shade but this 80’s zamana mumma is not taking the hint 😉 😀
    Glad to know more about Bugz. and thanks for writing !

  3. About the nightmare, I think even I had at a certain age. Nani asked ma to put vibuthi on forehead every night before sleeping. I stopped having them in a while. Whether it was vibuthi or they just stopped, no clue 🙂

    Loved those songs 🙂

    Lol on the bag. Even I have done that

    Hahahaha on the hair color 🙂

    And yes even I used to hug my bro like this n bro would fall down with the weight!

    Hugs to the sweetie n her Didi

  4. The bag is only dumped aside when she realizes
    1. there is nothing in it and
    2. and more importantly I am not going to take it away from her. ROFL..
    Coloring hair with crayons.? Wish I have her here to try on my premature gray ones 😉

  5. Reading about Buzz and Bugz always make me happy and smile. My hair is turning white all of sudden, I don’t want to color either.

    I always feel so much love between the siblings. May they stay like that forever. I am telling you you are blessed to have two girls !!

    Do you know the tiger gana is fav in our household too. If you don’t believe here is the proof. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5V6hpi5kKk

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