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What we have in abundance, we don’t value. It is the dearth of something that increases its value. ~Comfy

There was a time when tags and awards were plenty, to the point where I think a lot of us stopped even acknowledging them. A few years down the line, they make a comeback to my blog and I lap it up. errr.. yes very shallow like that!

RM and Rays gave me the ‘One lovely blog’ award and I take it up with a gracious smile, a nod and a polite thank you. (Older and wiser Comfy)


The award also comes with stipulations. So here goes

Seven eight – lay them straight

  1. I dread kids birthday parties – Before D and I had kids, we would get invited to all these kid birthday parties and we would not know what to do with ourselves in bouncy houses and magic shows. Once Buzz was old enough (and not Bugz) to enjoy these parties, that part got easy but I realized how difficult it was to buy gifts for kids. They had everything. There was not really anything they needed. Buying gifts soon became a chore but the worse was yet to come. Now the goody bags scare me to death. Two girls automatically means junk jewelry galore but when Buzz got actual makeup, I saw the pits.
  2. I do not love Christmas – It is the season to be jolly and everyone is excited but it is normal life for me. I am not saying I hate it, I am saying I am indifferent to it. Christmas was not part of growing up years for me and in that sense I can’t relate to the festival. All the gift buying and giving is again something I don’t relate to. And why kids should believe in Santa, I don’t get either. First we put the concept of Santa in their head, then we protect that idea, then we console them when the truth comes out and then we bemoan that they found out!
  3. I love the post Christmas sales – The plus side of all Christmas shopping that is going on – the sales that start in January. I stock up on the kids jackets, warm clothes for D and myself, boots, hats – the works, for at least 1/4th the original price. I once got a jacket for Buzz for 4.99 (original price 34.99) which she wore for two seasons and now Bugz is wearing it. Year before last I got a coat for myself for 32.99 (original price 199.99). What is not to love? And no we will not think about profit margins.
  4. I wonder where my friends are – I have been a lousy friend these past few years. Between all the juggling I do with kids and home and work, I have stopped being a friend. I am barely there for anyone, I don’t call, I don’t write, I don’t comment of any of the social media sites, I am distracted even when I am talking to them. Something to work on for sure.
  5. I always have had one serious obsession – Over time I have realized there is always have one obsession at all times. There was painting at one point, trashy books another, blogging was an obsession a few years back, there have been a couple of TV shows over the years, there was doodling last couple of years. I got all out, they completely take over and then slowly they lose their sheen. Some fall away completely, some stay but not as obsessions but more as good friends. And how did I come to this realization? Because I feel the void of not having one these days. Come soon yaar! (who can tell me the reference of this sentence? Tell tell!)
  6. I need cooking lessons – I am sick of the food I make. These days, if left to myself, I just stand in the kitchen, undecided. I can’t pick one thing I want to cook. I take the easy way out after a point and ask Buzz but I wonder how long that will last. I really, truly need to learn a few new dishes at the very least.
  7. I don’t know what to do with my hair – I can’t keep my hair open. If I can even see my hair from the corner of my eyes, the temples of my head start to throb. I have always kept my hair tied because of this but in the last year and a half tying my hair has started giving me a head ache too. All this means I don’t know what to do with my hair. I continuously go from tying it up and leaving it open, with no real solution.
  8. I am irrevocably changed – Some things change us in very profound ways. Maa’s passing away has done that to me. I smile and I laugh but the inner me is not the same. I feel, true joy has left me or rather long term joy is no more. I question a lot of things, I did not even think about before. Faced with something like this makes you question your own mortality, I guess, and that is what I find myself doing all the time.

5 ways to say something

  • Sometimes kindness can be delivered in a clumsy way. But it’s far more sincere in its clumsiness than those distinguished men you read about in  books.  ~Ruta Sepetys, Between Shades of Gray
  • If you need something from somebody always give that person a way to hand it to you.  ~Sue Monk Kidd, The Secret Life of Bees
  • It’s a funny thing… but people mostly have it backward. They think they live by what they want. But really, what guides them is what they’re afraid of. What they don’t want.  ~Khaled Hosseini, And the Mountains Echoed
  • It’s hard being left behind. (…) It’s hard to be the one who stays.  ~Audrey Niffenegger, The Time Traveler’s Wife
  • The quickest way for a parent to get a child’s attention is to sit down and look comfortable.  ~Lane Olinghouse

Everyone I know has taken up the tag. If you have not please feel free to pick it up. Enjoy

16 thoughts on “All about me

  1. Gee! thats a lot of info you have shared..

    After the Jolt post comment you did, I do agree to you about the Santa thing…I think I should just rename my post as UnJolt :):)

    Hair :(:( dont ask yaar, I could do a beeegggggg post on that…mine are hardly eventually bald is the way out for me 🙂

    Friends are always there dont need to be in the social media to be in are such a wonderful person that I am sure everyone is there for you 🙂

    Arey this cooking thing is also a phase rey..happened to me an year ago..I used to hate my cooking…but no choice so I like it again now 🙂

    Point 8 – Hugs hugs hugs

    Loved the quotes..

    okay long comment, i will stop

    1. aww RM, you are the best!
      Hair I have enough, the issue is to manage them and I am just lost.
      You don’t even know how bad I am with friends and keeping in touch. I used to be so good till a few years back and now I can’t even seem to find the energy.
      Cooking, I hope it gets better soon.
      Thanks for the hugs 🙂

  2. What we have in abundance, we don’t value. It is the dearth of something that increases its value. ~Comfy
    I heart this comfy..May be next tag that we can create is “Blogger’s quotes” or am not sure if they already exist as well!! 🙂

  3. Glad to know I am not alone in my i-do-not-relate-to-christmas feeling. I have dreaded that period when abroad and on similar lines I feel depressed when the world moves on like usual business and you try to hold on Diwali excitement. and on 8th i can totally understand what you mean.

    1. I don’t dread it, really. Don’t hate it, don’t love it. Nothing, I feel nothing for it.

      With kids now Diwali is fun. They love all the food, they run around turning on lights, they love to dress up. So yeah I think Diwali cheer is back in our house 🙂

  4. Come soon yaar -ref: Aaja shaam hone aayi from MPK. Right? Right? 😀
    I am having trouble commenting on blogs because of this stupid no WP at work issue, so I am able to check only those that show up on my reader completely :(! Comfy! Change settings please!
    I am horrible at keeping in touch with friends. So I have concluded that I am best off with those with who I can take off from where we left months, or even years ago.
    I dont cook.
    I like Christmas, the lights and all, though I am in India 🙂 I also like Santa 😀 Might do something about this when Zo is slightly older! I am even loving the secret santa thing at work!
    I could never keep my hair open because of all the frizz, but the whole straightening in the past 8 years and I cannot tie it anymore! Total headache! 😦
    Glad I could comment today, phone zindabad.

    1. Full points DI 🙂

      I don’t have a choice but cook. If I don’t cook the kids get nothing to eat, it is as simple.

      Secret Santa, the game, is fun! The rest is fun, I guess, if you celebrate 🙂

  5. We did not celebrate X-Mas when I was growing up and of course I did not believe in Santa either.

    Having said that, having lived in the US for a decade and having a 7 yr old and a 4 yr old, the holidays spirit is infectious. I love watching all the decorations etc and I do not mind my kids believing in Santa and the anticipation of Santa visiting and all the talk around it. It is hilarious the way my daughter analyses the size of Santa Vs Chimney and how he can come etc etc. So I just let it be…I dont burst the bubble saying there is no Santa etc…I am sure she will realise it and she will be fine..just like the tooth fairy thingy…these are small fantasies for kids and it is a phase…

    So hubby and I still put up a tree, the stockings and the presents and the excitement is just too much for them and we go with the flow…

    Have a good one!!

    1. What I mean to say is that I don’t care one way or the other, while everyone else seems to love it.

      I don’t go about telling my kids there is no Santa but I don’t tell them there is one either. Bugz is too little but Buzz goes to school, talks about him with friends, I read books to her where Santa makes an appearance. It is all matter of fact. She wonders why Santa looks different in each mall and has formed her own theories about it.

      When the kids are older and would like a tree, we will go and get one. As I said, I am neither here, neither there. I will let them decide about the festival as they grow older. On my own I am too lazy to have started the tradition of decorating a tree, buying gifts and the works.

  6. I have so much to say but really hard pressed for time Comfy.. but i have to say this.. loved the post .. so completely get you..and the quotes are so thought provoking.
    I think i’ll take up the tag.. its high time i wrote something ..anything ..

  7. Loved this post Comfy. I guess you do not reveal too much about yourself on this blog, so reading these 10 points was such a treat.

    We have such polarised views on Christmas. Perhaps because unlike you, I did grow up celebrating it in all its glory. I was the happy, dumb kid who believed in Santa till I was almost 9. Seriously! And when I found out he didn’t exist – I went ‘Oh, really? My parents pulled it off really well for all these years then’. I didn’t need any consoling or anything. But the joy of finding a gift on Christmas morning in my first 9 years cannot be described, so I love playing Santa to my cousin’s kids and making them believe in the idea. Never occurred to me to check with their parents actually. I should do it.

    And ‘come soon yaar’. I knew it the moment I read it. Bollywood runs in my veins. 😀

  8. What you said about keeping in touch with friends is very true…one days we holding hands with our best friend walking back home after school days pass there come college,work,marriage,kids and you are left with just memories of her and not even a mobile number to contact. I wish my friends blog so that i can atleast watch their life through the pages of the internet

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