Joy of unexpected

Mumma Bugz mujhe copy kyoin karti hei?

she asked me.

Just like you try and do things I do, Bugz looks up to you and tries doing things you can do. She wants to grow and learn and that is what she is doing

I answered back. Satisfied, she ran back to where Bugz was and said,

Bugz jump!

Bugz of course followed.

Bugz spin around!

Bugz stopped only after a couple of spins.

Bugz jump and spin!

Bugz managed even that.

Bugz airplane!

Hands out she ran towards Bugz, but Bugz did not follow. She came to a sudden halt in front of Bugz, hands straight to her side, said,

Bugz wings out!

Bugz looked up, leaned a little way forward and gave her Didi a hug. Didi’s hands dropped to return the hug, game forgotten. As for me, I smiled a smile, gathered the unexpected, unguarded moment and held it close.

20 thoughts on “Joy of unexpected

  1. Unexpected, unguarded moment it is! Comes when you least expected, isn’t it?

    Like that other day, Paapu came to the kitchen, ‘come here’ she said and gave me a soft kiss followed by a hug. “Sorry for pinching your nose yesterday” she said about something that took place several weeks ago 🙂

  2. They are super cute together. Chucky is so much like Bugz. Other day she asked me the same question, why Isha is trying to copy me mamma?. I told her that because she likes her and wants to learn from her. I could see a big smile on her face. Kids are so cute 🙂

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