Planning for the future

Conversation as I was getting Buzz dressed up after her bath in the evening.

Wear your PJs quick. I need to go and make rotis.
Can I help you make rotis, Mumma?
No baby, not today.
You always say that! Why can’t I help?

Buzz, who cries very easily, had tears in her eyes at this point so I made her sit in my lap and hugged her tight. After a long tight hug she looked up to me and said in her still tear chocked voice:

I don’t want to be a Police Officer when I grow up.

Buzz has talked about wanting to be a Police Officer for a while now. This has been a constant talk in our house so I quickly reassure her

You don’t have to be a Police Officer if you don’t want to.
I want to be Mommy when I grow up.

Shocked, unsure, I asked her:

What does a Mommy do?
She cooks!

Aah, makes sense!

Sure baby, you can be whatever you want to be when you grow up.

More hugs later she is dressed and ready to go down when she looks at me and asks,

You will not get another baby, Mumma? A baby boy?
No, we will not get another baby.
If you did then he could be Daddy when I became a Mommy. Now how will I have a family?

And we are back to our old questions again with which I make a run out of the room.


9 thoughts on “Planning for the future

  1. Aah! Such innocence..
    Anyway leaves us stumped for answers 🙂
    Have faced this too when the kids would say that they would marry each other! and be together always…

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