Random Thoughts

  • Buzz and Bugz are as different as chalk and cheese. One loves to take any/all medicines, the other absolutely refuses to open her mouth to take even a drop, even when down with fever. One takes forever to fall asleep, the other is up at the crack of dawn. One can’t even find things right in front of her nose, the other will find things that are not even needed for the time being.
  • My body has gotten used to an almost full night of sleep all over again. Even a night without 6 hours of sleep and the headache comes down with a vengeance.
  • Sorting through pictures from a trip a few months back, I have come to realize that D loves to take pictures in threes. 700+ pictures and only every fourth picture is different. If I were to make a set of three, each set would have difference in only a slight head tilt here, an eye flick there, everything else – same to same.
  • Looking at same picture three times, so annoying! Especially when you are trying to sort them in some sort of unloadable order.
  • I am not liking the new (now not so new?) changes to Picasaweb. In trying to simplify + unify their product integration, Google has made a things a lot more complicated.
  • Now a question on the unifying front – why do the important features not work across applications when unifying is such a big deal? They used to before and don’t post all the work. What a mess!
  • Need to find another alternative to Picasaweb!
  • I hate social media. I am a social media recluse. There I said it. I, who could not handle FB, now am on Whatsapp! Something that I forget to check till someone sends me an email about!
  • I have not updated my FB in years, I think. No pictures, no status, nothing. I like a few things here and there (few and far between) but can’t seem to get myself to let the world know what goes on in my head.
  • The security settings in all these social media sites make me panic even more. Anyone can tag me for the world to see? The only thing I can do is not have them show up on my profile for my friends to see?
  • Even when I learn to live with that, putting in settings that I think I am somewhat OK with, they go and change them is some way, shape or form and then there is a scramble to figure it all out, all over again!
  • Despite my hesitation about social media , I have a public blog? I seriously need to get my head examined.
  • I want to get back to running again. Ankle last 1%, get on with it please.
  • There are almost no pictures of only Buzz and me. There are loads with me holding Bugz, but very few with Buzz. Will there be, ‘you loved her more’, in my future? God hope not!
  • D, what the hell? There are like 10 pictures of the sleeping wolf! Like really?
  • Bugz baby take some medicine and sleep please. It is good for both of our mental health.
  • How can you notice Didi’s shwminshoot in the dark, while you are crying and get excited about that, I will never know.
  • This is going to be another LOOOONNNGGGGG night, me thinks.
  • Wonder what will happen first, the pictures getting uploaded or me getting some sleep? At the speed the uploading is happening, I will place my money on me getting some sleep. Imagine that!
  • There seems to be so much time in the evenings when D is not in town. hmm need to think about this a little bit more 😛

Edited to Add: They now are showing random ads to posts on Wordpress? I foresaw it a couple of years back, so why does this upset me so?


23 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. I finally went and deactivated my FB account…I think it was more trouble than help…I was getting jealous of perfect children, with perfect smiles and perfect holidays and how hubby dear gave a wonderful surprise of the perfect rose, how we friends are chilling in beer cafe, doing nothing but taking perfect pictures, how I checked in from hotel Taj in Mumbai..there I should like a bloody jealous human being..but its true…I think logging into FB gave me nothing but an inferiority complex and on top of that, RD tried to put it on new smart phone and I ended up getting random requests from unknown people who read the blog!!!

    I decided to get out of it…

    Bugz and Buzz are super cute yaar…Its good to have kids like chalk and cheese Amma says (Bro and me are like that!) keeps up the spice in life hehehehe 🙂

    LOL on D’s pictures in threes…RD problem is both R and I hate getting ourselves clicked 🙂

    I love Whatsapp honestly…I think in 3 days my sms usage has gone down by 55%!!! (What? I am an analyst eh?)

    Sorry for the long comment, got overexcited 🙂

    1. I have to say that FB has made me more judgmental, especially when I see pictures/updates of people I see on a day to day basis. I know their inner stories and when they paint the perfect picture for FB to see, I roll my eyes. Yaar thoda to sach bolo na!

      Buzz and Bugz are cute, I agree. Just that sometime they drive me up the wall 😳

      D does not give anyone a chance. Once he picks up the camera, everyone is in the line of fire. You don’t want to pose for a picture, that’s ok, you can get candid pictures taken. I rather pose than have my mouth open in all of them. 😡

      RM, that is thing, I don’t even text :mrgreen: My Whatsapp usage and SMS usage is exactly the same. Big fat zero 😀

      You read all this randomness? I should be thanking you and you are saying sorry? Feel free anytime to write as much as you like 🙂

  2. I hope the little one has dozed off and you got some sleep as well. Shwminshoot sounds adorable :). Is she not well? Here’s wishing her a quick recovery.
    I have phases with FB – but yes, increasingly, I find myself wondering if quitting it is a better idea. As it is, all the people I do want to stay in touch with, I am with them, on Whatsapp.

    1. Bugz had fever due to cold and was not up almost all night. She is much better now. 🙂
      Shwmin and shwminshoot are words that are only whispered in our house. If Bugz hears it then there is no option but to take her shwmin. Can get a bit much some times 😛
      FB is not all bad, but since I fear privacy, it makes me very uncomfortable sometimes.

  3. FB – I was on it for a few months, years and years ago, and got so irked about how much time I was wasting on it. So deleted and never looked back. One of the best decisions ever, me thinks 😛

    I don’t have a smartphone. So no SMS or Whatsapp or anything like that. I hardly use my phone even to talk to people (you know that, don’t you?) – the only person I call everyday is the partner when I am waiting outside his office bldg to pick him up, and then my mom. And maybe my sis once in a while. Other than that, the ph is used hardly ever.

    The partner takes tons of photos too. Good thing though, I don’t have to sort through them and upload them. It’s his job, which he never does, haha. I don’t like my pictures taken, I am not a fan posing for photos…only when the partner is behind the camera do I get my photos taken.

    Buzz and Bugz are so precious!!! But you know that already, don’t you? “shwminshoot ” – awwwww awwww awwwwww!!!

    1. I got a free smartphone from work T and the brat (Rev) forced me to get Whatsapp and then she sends me emails to check something on Whatsapp 😀
      What I like about smartphone is that I can get directions. The rest I think I can live without 🙂
      I want to see the kids pictures, which is the only reason I go through trying to sort them. Otherwise I would not touch them at all.

  4. I am on Facebook. I haRdly update it but I do lurk around and check out on other peoples life. But what to do comfy I am alone most of the time and I find it a best pass time.
    Bugz and Buzz are adorable. By the way you still have the option of sending them to us open right? I am still standing in the queue:)

    1. Hey there is nothing wrong with FB if you can handle it. The security settings and the way FB works is a little scary for me. Otherwise I really like the idea behind it. 🙂

    1. She is getting much better Dil.
      I had years of no sleep, what with Buzz and Bugz being born a few years apart. I have just about started to, so this is me actually giving you hope that it will happen one day. One morning you will get up and realize that you actually slept through the night 🙂

  5. FBI ain’t my cup of tea either, BUT, am pretty regular on Twitter, so I can’t deny being attracted to social media.

    I can’t comment on D’s three pics fundamental coz am pretty close ( though not so precise) in clicking many repeats of every pose.

    I have to agree with you on the frequently updated settings and privacy policies of social media sites, they sure are a botheration 🙄

    I hope you got a good sleep and buzz finally agreed to take the medicine and is feeling heaps better by now 🙂

    1. Era, social media is addictive, that is its appeal. 🙂

      The privacy setting are a different matter all together. It does not bother some people and they love it. It bother some people too much and they are forever upset. 🙂

      Bugz is feeling much better now. Thanks!

  6. hoping Bugz is better now…see I’m telling you these girls are so so much similar Comfy… I have to very quietly go to swimming every morning or else Chirpy has to be taken with me to do “sheeeming” and “water walkie” and “chappa chappa” 😀

    On FB: I’ve a different view and you know how that is.. I’ve only added those whom I’m okay to share my personal life with, I update quiet regularly (though now a days it has gone down) but I like to stay connected and update/updated to my friends and family… I’ve removed lot of blogger friends also from the list because of whom I was getting exposed to other bloggers (not friends)… my account is strictly for friends and family (no colleagues, bloggers, professional contacts), so I’m happy the way it is 🙂 Also, I post photos at regular intervals but for a brief while (and take them down)… I see it this way: I can share pictures and updates at once place and one time and it’ll be known to all those I want to shout out to, without fearing that the info / pics will be misused or misunderstood 🙂 There are friends and family who care and want to know / see the updates.. .lot of maternal uncles / aunts and cousins and friends are on FB and they feel happy to see Chirpy’s updates and so on…

    Whoa, I almost sound like an FB ambassador no? 😛

    Anyway, I just thought I should whatsaap you today, but now that I’ve read this, I don’t think it is good idea 😉 I’ll stick to the email business wonly 🙂

  7. FB is solely responsible for the murder of my blog 😥 It has become like a quickie thingy for me 🙄

    D sounds exactly like me. The husband refuses to look at the photographs until I have sorted it all and delete all the extras 😡

    psst psst waiting for the photos 🙂

  8. I am hopeless with social media, too. I hardly post any updates on them, just like a few posts here and there, like you. I am okay with a public blog, too. 😀

    I don’t like the way blogs are going these days. Get a sort of strange feeling about them. Will there be free-to-use blogs in future or will they be in name only? – I ponder about this many a time.

    Looking forward to see the pictures! 🙂

    Hope you all are doing well now and had that much-needed sleep. 🙂

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