Hide and Seek

Sometime last month we went camping with friends and the kids got introduced to the game that marks all of our childhood – Hide and Seek. While the adults took care of setting up the tents and getting the meal ready, the kids hid behind trees and cars and were laughing all the time.

Yesterday after the evening meal was done and D and I had crashed on the couch, Buzz smiled and asked, “Can we play hide and seek, Mumma?”.

“Sure, go hide”, I told her and off she ran.

Too tired to get up (also knowing where Buzz was hiding) I send Bugz to find her. “Go Bugz, find Didi”, and off she was. We knew Buzz was spotted by Bugz’ lough laugh and Buzz’s shriek.

As the came to us with smiles on their faces, I told Bugz it was her turn to hide. Bugz turned around, ran and hid in the exact same place as Buzz. Buzz found her with no issues at all.

The two of them took turns a couple of times when D said, “my turn, now both of you find me.” I entertained the kids while D found a place to hide. The three of us laughed and giggled and then the kids were off finding Papa. I could hear calls of “Papa”, “Bugz go look there” and then loud laughs as Papa was found.

It was Papa’s turn to seek and the kids scrambled around to hide. Once D was done finding the kids, since all he needed to do was follow the giggles, Buzz asked “where is Mumma?”. Oh no! Mumma was hiding too and Papa had to now really work on his seeking skills.

We hid, we searched, we found. Every door, closet, corner in the house was searched. We laughed, clapped, jumped.

Simple childhood game, continues to give so much joy. Simple childhood game, still keeps us entertained. Simple childhood game, now has new additions to its players list.

9 thoughts on “Hide and Seek

  1. haha.. this one brought back cute memories…
    it is still Ammu’s favorite game! She’s always hiding and wanting us to find her or trying to creep up from behind and surprise people!!
    Also, it was our fave game right until our high school years 🙂

  2. Ha ha what a coincidence , it’s a game we play at home , now that Chucky has grandparents its thier turn to play with her, it’s fun to see them running around to hide, makes me think those games being the child in everyone .

    It’s so that I mentioned about it in my last post but you have captured it beautifully.

  3. Best game of childhood..I remember the days I used to play with lil bro..so many yrs back..Standard places are behind doors, under bed..Spl places are climb on top of the loft..Hide inside the washing machine!!

  4. Hide and Seek is one game that hasn’t lost its charm..Otherwise kids these days only enjoy ipad and xbox..This post made me nostalgic..How much I used to play Hide n Seek 😦

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