Family dynamics

When I grow up who will be my family?

she asked. Even though I understood the question, not sure how to answer it, I asked her what she meant.

When I grow up who will my Mumma? Who will be my Papa?
We will, Mumma and Papa will always be your Mumma and Papa.

Back and forth a few times and she dropped the topic.


When I grow up I will stay in that house.

she said, pointing to the house across the street from us.

Why that house?
Because it has a yard in it.
Where will I stay?
In this house with Papa.


When I am very very very old, how will I have a family.

Sigh! I get your questions sweetheart, I really do. I just don’t know how to explain the making of a new family to you. The fact that you see yourself as a child in your future and are looking for a Mom and a Dad makes it even more complicated to explain.

Parenting truly teaches one the art of creative thinking and makes one the master of diverting topics. Whatay fun!

10 thoughts on “Family dynamics

  1. Gosh! these kids come up with such questions na!

    You wont believe this Comfy, I was just going to write an email to you, asking where you disappeared and there your post came up 🙂

  2. I wish I could meet her someday. She says the most heartbreakingly adorable things :).
    I have a sticker on my fridge, given to me by a friend, that says ‘friends are the family we choose for ourselves’. Of the many kinds of families that there are, this kind is one of my favorites!

  3. Aww I can so relate to myself, Chucky came other day and said she has to change her name when she is big, I corrected her that she need not and gave my eg, don’t know where and how they get these perhaps from school or they observe everything ? Sigh we had ready made answers for these.

  4. Now that’s one very tricky question. I would have created a dinosaur walkign into the door kinda distraction immediately 😛

    When Paapu makes a mistake and realizes it, often says , ” When I am growin’ up, I will not do this anymore”.

    The ‘growing up’ is always in present tense 😀

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