Universal language

Last week D was out of town and I was dealing with a lot of small issues which seemed huge at the time. In no mood to cook for the evening, I bundled the kids in the car and drove to the Indian Chaat place for a little informal dinner. Samosa, Chola Bhatura and Black Forest Pastry in hand we found ourselves a table. As I went about getting water and spoons, Buzz and Bugz ran around me. Once seated, I divided food in portions and passed in on to the kids. Bugz stood on the chair as she tried drinking water out of an open cup using a straw, while Buzz stood by the side, watching Hindi songs on B4U as she ate. Chairs, they are meant for sitting, we would never have guessed! There was water all over our table and food which only reached the mouth half the time. Thank God for informal dinning!

The table on our side had two girls as well. One around six or so and the other a little over two. The little girl(LG) on that table was not too into food and kept running around. Once when she came near my table, I waves Hi. Shyly she ran off. Few minutes later she came back, I smiled, she smiled, Buzz looked on at our little interaction. LG ran off again and was back again a minute later. Buzz looked at her and jumped, she jumped too. Buzz jumped twice, she jumped twice. Not a single word was exchanged but the two of them devised a game and got on playing around the two tables.

Every time they came near my table, I had food ready for Buzz. She would open her mouth, I would put food in and off she would go. LG saw it once, the next time she came around, she opened her mouth too. I gave a quick look to her mom and at her smile, feed her too. Soon food was being shared, kids were getting fed, no words needed really.

I see this with Buzz and Bugz every day, where Buzz does something and Bugz follows, but it somehow always takes me by surprise at how quickly, without any real communication, total strangers to each other, kids make up games and start playing it. And it always amazes me on how easy kids are to handle when they have other kids to play with. Food is finished, games are done, friends are made and time goes by so quickly.

Kids and their universal language! Parents and their universal understanding of the trials of parenting!


12 thoughts on “Universal language

  1. Lovely post Comfy! This food sharing thing I’ve seen happening between A Jr and my nephew too. 🙂
    Kids are so innocent, they don’t judge or calculate like us adults. Anyone who can join them and have fun is welcome. 🙂
    Hugs to both the darlings. 🙂

  2. 🙂 🙂 Kids are the cutest, aren’t they? I take Zo to the play area every day after day care only to watch how she plays and interacts with the other little kids, and it i always fun!
    Hugs to B&B! 🙂

  3. Its happened to me as well. R and I were at a mall (after visiting the park) and we decided to eat there since RD was not around. We started eating when a little girl came to R and said hello. Do you know her, I asked R. No she said and said hello back. Both started dancing around and exactly like it happened to you, I was giving that kiddo pav bhaji. Guess, no hang ups as kids. Wonder what happens to us when we grow older!

  4. I have experienced this myself and cannot agree more with you, what always amaze me the way you write these, it touches my heart so deeply, love the way you write these life lessons:)

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