Diet and exercise

Two kids, a full time job and a house to take care of and the pregnancy weight was going nowhere. I know my body well and know that weight loss does not come easy to me. I have to really work towards it.

I looked around and diet seemed to be the easiest of all the options available to me, but there my mental barrier against dieting comes in to picture. I don’t do diets but more importantly I believe kids look up to parents in most everything and try to emulate them as they grow old. With two girls, who probably will have body image issues like most girls in their teens do, I did not want to set up a precedence of extreme diets in my family.

While talking to a friend on this issue, I was telling her, “as a late teen, early 20 year old there were always a couple of kilos I wanted to lose or a few inches gone from this area or that. Looking back I was a thin tall girl. Can’t imagine what I used to think at that age”. She came back with, “we all used to think like that because we were stupid and immature”. “True”, I told her, “but our kids will be stupid and immature too”.

At least in my head, I want to sit with my kids and eat whatever it is they are eating. I can restrict the quantity of what I eat, or not apply ghee to my roti while they eat ghee soaked rotis, but I want them to see me eating all the same things they do. This meant all the no carb diets which have the best results were not an option for me.

After giving it a lot of thought, I made small changes to my diet. I let go of my fav. cereal for breakfast in favor of boiled eggs, a loaf of bread and a glass of milk. I moved from white rice to brown rice for lunch. I gave up my evening snacks in favor of carrots and fruits. I cut down on one roti for dinner but added extra serving of vegetables and lentils. The change is so small at that it almost went unnoticed by the ever observant Buzz. The only change she really noticed was the egg for breakfast and that is also because the change was made for her as well. Every now and then she says she wants to eat cereal and she gets it. So really it becomes her choice to eat something different from the rest of the family and not me standing out with my diet.

I gave these changes a little time to see if I felt deprived or unsatisfied. I don’t! Because I haven’t really given up on anything, I don’t miss not eating any of it. Every time I feel l want to eat cereal, I do. If I feel like having some form of sweet, I have a little. Moderation for me is the key.

The next thing I started doing was adding exercises to the mix over the weekend. Finding time during the weekdays was an issue for various reasons, but weekends I could make time. I used to run a lot pre Buzz, and used to have dreams of me running while I was pregnant. To realize that I could not run for more than a few minutes was a shameful realization. About a month back a friend send out an email to ask I was interested in running outside since summer was here. Prompt “yes” was my reply. We started meeting every Saturday morning at a park nearby and kept it easy. Run 3 mins, walk a min and see how far we could go. Running outside makes such a big difference than running on a treadmill.

I have improved a lot since and now have slowly added running a couple of days during my weekdays as well. I am ready with even my shoes on when D comes home. I mostly wave  bye to him as a greeting and go for half an hour run. I don’t go fast but that I can run for 30 mins without a break makes me feel happy.

The weight loss is happening slowly but surely. In fact I am at my lowest weight since I had Buzz but it is not really a motivating factor right now. At the end of every letter to my kids I write – be happy, be healthy. That is what is motivating me. Every evening as I sit down with my bowl of carrots and fruits, both the kids ask for the same and not the usual crackers. Every time I go for my run or D goes to the gym Buzz asks what about her exercise and Bugz pretends to run around the house. If my kids gain a positive body image, if they learn the importance of healthy food, if they take in the importance of exercise, that will be the best gift I will receive at the end.


16 thoughts on “Diet and exercise

  1. I don’t do diets either Comfy but I believe in eating everything in moderation and possibly substituting things. For instance, I don’t have ghee at all (never have since my teens). I think it’s helpful when you think of it as living a healthy lifestyle for sure. It’s been helping me the last 6 to 8 months compared to previously when I’d be focussed on weight loss. Good luck! 🙂

  2. Oh Comfy…am doing the exact same thing right now! I’ve had weight issues since forever and my body simply refuses to let go anything that it has accumulated. To burn down those calories needs lots and lots of patience. 😦
    What works in my favour is that I can plan my workouts around A Jr’s school time, since I’m not working as of now. If I do try to go on a diet A stops me,,,like yday he made me have a chapati even when I didn’t want it just so I don’t go to sleep hungry.
    Only a little change in our diet is needed, but what’s most important is exercise. I hate going to gyms and you know here it is tough to run on roads. I rely on the good ol’ treadmill I have at my home. Not giving in to any temptation is the key! 😀
    All the best…feel good and positive…and yes lose weight healthily. 🙂

  3. And the best gift they would receive from you, an inspiration for healthy lifestyle. That sure was inspiring, I have been doing my bit to get fit from past year and recently started working out. It’s been a week and I am so happy to find out that I am able to do nearly everything the instructor asks me which I could never imagine just an year back. And that’s exactly keep me motivated. Though I would love a sleek slender body, I would love to wear everything my heart desires or the lack of it 😉 but being fit is what I aim for more than anything.

    And when I was able to walk for hours in the recent trip or take the stairs to my home without issues, nothing feels more rewarding than that 🙂

    30 min run after two kids, I would like to achieve that some day…:)

  4. These small changes in the lifestyle help in the long run. And I can understand ur woes so whatever little u do it matters a lot!!! Loads of good luck dear 🙂

  5. Honestly, I never believed in the whole concept of healthy eating and exercise until I had Zo. I was NEVER thin, in fact, I am thinner now than I was in late school, college, early working years, ever 🙂 But the whole need to exercise arose only when I gained way too much with Zo, and did not lose it.
    I however did make drastic changes to my diet last year when I started. I replaced rice with dalia, moved to cereal from the typical indian breakfast, and mainly cut down on junk during the week, keeping it to weekends. All that, and 4 days of running in a week did magic!

    Now it’s all about maintenance, and I am getting back on track after a short while of laziness. Zo is too young to know all this, but when she does grow up, I guess I will have to make her understand the importance of it all as well! And hopefully then I will still be in a decent enough state to not have to let go of the nice things 🙂

    Good going with the little ones 😀 Like I said, I will always refer to your blog for tips when needed!

  6. Such positive post this! You never fail to inspire me in every which way, be it parenting, individual dilemmas, being a mother, being a professional… you’re the best 🙂

    Good Luck for maintaining it, you’re doing good !

  7. this is the need of the hour.. an apt post at the right time for me… thanks much Comfy.. You don’t know how you have helped me.. I will at least skip that one grand meal owing to your post.. weight loss is the major reason for my hair loss!!!! hope hope hope to get sense some day to start a healthy life and hope even more that some day is not very far… you post has made me take few more steps towards that day…

  8. Lovely 🙂
    The key is to make intelligent changes and substitutions to your diet, not drastically cut down altogether. You are definitely on the right track……. Slow and steady wins the race… 🙂

  9. This Summer I started taking Chucky to swimming and Bikking, I have accumulated3 khs of weight through last 6 months mainly because of excess eating, I call stress eating. I used to feel so tired by EOD. My tiny frame can’t handle excess weight.

    I have not lost any weight, but I feel a lot more energetic after each swimming pool visit. It tells me I got to do some or other physical excecise . I sleep 5 hrs still wake up fresh..

    Your posts always have some message to convey or inspiring , this post I think it’s both . Love you.

  10. You are an inspiration, Comfy. Since I have always been a thin/skinny girl, I have had very little motivation to exercise. Only now I realise how important healthy living is.

    I am trying so hard to regularize my meals, eat right and exercise. I don’t know how long it will take me to get to the right path, but I know I am trying by making little changes. Step 1 for me is cutting down the junk.

  11. Dieting need not be extreme. Eating in moderation, combined with regular exercise, can work wonders for your weight. I realised that last year.

    You are doing a wonderful thing, Comfy. You are setting the right precedent for your daughters – teaching them about not giving in to fad diets, but eating healthy and exercising the way you are comfortable.

  12. I am so glad you did not get into one of those extreme diets..and even more glad you got (back) to outdoor running! Woohoo for that one! 🙂

    Though I am pretty satisfied with my breakfast ( avocado milkshake and wheat bread with jam) and lunch (home-cooked and packed), my evening snack is so horrendous!(chips, chocolates, fried stuff..). You made me realize that part of my eating needs to be revisited.

    Running has been a thing I fell in love 6 yrs back. Though haven’t run during pregnancy, I do it now ( not too regularly)..and savor every bit of the fresh air hitting the face. No treadmill in a gym can give you that now, can it? 🙂

  13. Way to go Comfy! What is interesting is the positive message that you are sending out to the kids! Yoga seems to work for me right now.. Plus good eating habits.. Lets see..

    Btw, have missed reading yours and so many others the last few months.. In the process of catching up:)

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