All the world’s a stage

Act 1:

Buzz and I were having a conversation as we waited at the airport to board our flight here. An old Indian lady commented on how well Buzz spoke Hindi. Buzz has to chime in of course,

I know English, Hindi, Spanish and Chinese.

‘Chinese?’, we both exclaimed at the same time.

Buzz went on to say a couple of words in Chinese to prove her language powers.

She has a few kids who speak the language in her class and has picked up a handful of words from them.

Act 2:

We were at Delhi airport waiting for our flight out. There was an Air India plane standing at the terminal we had to board our flight from. When boarding started Buzz wanted to board as well but we told her we were flying another airline and we had to wait for the Air India airplane to fly off and ours to come before we could board.

Why are we not flying Air India, Mumma?
It does not go to the city where we have to go?
The pilot does not know the way to our city?
No, only our pilot knows how to get to our city.
Which city can this pilot fly to?
London (it was a flight to London)

Act 3:

Buzz’s class got introduced to the concept of Maps. They looked at the world map and the country map. Their homework for the month was to mark on a map all the places they had visited and may want to visit. I printed a world map and a country map, sat Buzz down and we marked the placed Buzz had visited, starting from the latest thinking it would be easier for her to remember. We were half way done when Buzz was done. With so many other interesting things that go on in her life, sitting still for homework was a bit much. Any future attempts for moving forward with the homework were rejected for the rest of the week so that is how the homework was submitted.

One evening a week or so after the homework was submitted, during pickup from school, Buzz was mad at me. I asked her what was wrong.

We had to mark places we want to visit on the map too. I did not mark those.

Aah! so she had presented her homework in front of the class and was mad.

Which place did you want to visit?
China and London.

Act 4:

Which airline goes to China, Mumma?
err..Air China maybe (praying there is an air carrier by that name)
Which one goes to London?
I don’t know.
Air India, Mumma, Air India!
Oh yeah, from India Air India goes to London.
When can we go to London, Mumma?
I don’t know, during our vacation?
You always say that! You never take me to China and London!

Closing Monolog:

London and China you will be the end of me. Need to find ways to get to you two sooner than later. Or pray real hard that she gets over her visit places phase.

On this world’s stage we travel on!

38 thoughts on “All the world’s a stage

  1. Dear Buzz

    When I am really really rich, ekdum rich, I will pakka, come to your land, take you and Bugz (R can tag along) to China and London.

    Theek hai?

    RM Masi

    1. RM Masi,

      You can come and take Bugz and me anytime, money no consideration. And if we get R to play with even better 🙂
      So when are you coming?


      1. okay okay..everyone is all start praying that I get very very very rich okie??

        Pssstt: .Bugz n Buzz, aap aur mein khopche mein jaake decide karte hain ke kisskissko leke jana hai okie?

  2. You should be glad our dear Buzz has asked for only two places to visit as of now! 😀 😀
    Make sure you make the girl happy soon Comfy…or the list will get longer. 😛

    1. Oh her list is long, these are on the top of the list and two places not on our list to go so they never seem to check off of her list. 😛

  3. You know what I am going to say 😀
    In fact, I’ll take her to Leicester Square here. Our own China town – so real, that she may believe that she’s in China 😉
    Lemme know when you book your tickets.

    1. You know who I think of every time she talks about going to London 😀

      I wish, but visiting a big city never seems to be in our places to visit list. We will see how long we can hold out 😛

    1. Oh yes, we have a third person to give opinions in every thing have happens in our house now. You smile now, I will talk to you in a couple of years of so 👿

  4. I would totally en-cash this opportunity and make visit to London ( sigh it is so beautiful and visiting twice is just not enough 😉 ) & china. 😀

  5. LOL!! That sounds a lot like my madness for London once I returned after finishing my studies! 😀 I m glad to know there are more of such attitude around… makes me feel more sane! :mrgreen:

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