Dabangg Mirchi


1. If something is done a certain way, it has to be done the exact same way every single time. Any form of diversion, big or small, is not allowed.

2. If I like something, I grab it. Anyone, kid or adult, hurt in the process is irrelevant. Hair clips can be pulled out of the hair of random kids in the park, toys can be pulled out of everyone’s hand at home and outside.

3. Anything I can lay my hands on is a play thing. If you don’t want it to be used as a plaything keep it out of sight and height.

4. Any slight hurt/bump/nick/fall is a huge deal. You better dance to my tunes till I am satisfied with the attention I get and move on to other things before you can move on to other things.

5. When I call, you better show your face pronto. Else get ready to be called at increasing decibels every other second.

6. When I say ‘Poo’ no matter time of day or night come and take me to the pot and sit with me as long as feel like hanging out there. That I already went in my diaper holds no meaning.

7. When at a park, don’t dare say “let’s go back”. You can try and force me to, but you will have to catch me first for that and carry me kicking and screaming and then there is always the strapping me in the car seat bit which is impossible when I am wiggling and jumping. Save your energy and just let me play.

8. Milk is your best friend, the only way you can calm me down so keep it handy at all times.

9. Sharing is not in my dictionary, give up already and live in peace.

10. I wear the pants in the family, or am trying my best to wear them on my own. That I put both my legs in the same side is no laughing matter. I am serious about this and ‘NO’, you cannot help.

11. I win every fight, Didi notwithstanding.

-Dabangg Mirchi
(Background Music: hudd hudd mirchi)

38 thoughts on “Dabangg Mirchi

  1. Oh my feisty little Bugz….. I love my little girls to be spicy…muahh!

    Ps: make you mom go hmph hmph more often so that she can tell us more about your little adventures with the Tag hmph 😛

  2. Dear Dabbang Mirchi,

    I think you are going to be awesome when you grow up. Of course milk is always the most soothing thing on earth and seriously, why dont parents understand that we need our time to stop playing…we will come when we are tired eh? otherwise how do we dispense the extra energy we have eh?

    Please tell mama, that of course, I ask the person concerned if I can have that hairclip but if they say no, and I say please, she doesnt give, I need to grab it eh? and waise bhi, I am not taking it for myself, I am just looking and giving back na!

    and oh doesnt Ma know that there is an unwritten rule that second borns always win fights eh?

    I love you dear girl

    RM Masi

    1. RM Masi,

      You are in deep trouble, I am telling you. I can see the looks this Mumma is giving right now. This is the time when I start buttering her up with hugs and divert her attention with asking for books. You might want to try the same.

      Love you for understanding.

    1. You should see it in person. You either are on the floor laughing or you are pulling your hair off because she will not let you help.

      D and I call her with one half of this nickname. I just combined it here because honestly they both fit.

    1. Areee bhaiya Bihar se Mumbai tak ek he chakkar mein?? Yeah kaisan ghotaala hai?? 😮

      Rays maasi, apun bola na, ab aap bhi aisa-hich pant pehno. Gire to rona nako.

  3. Hud hud mirchi….chhotu badmash….being the elder sibling among two sisters, I always have a soft corner for the elder one, the younger ones are no doubt naughty, smart, bold but gradually they become the biggest weakness of the ‘didi’.

      1. especially on 4th: everyone present there has to kiss her “wound” and do the magic 🙂

        5th: If you don’t answer in one go you’ll be told, in a little stern voice, “mamma, look I’m calling you no”

        7th: We can live in the park, who needs a house!

        8th: Yo! Milk it is 🙂

        10th: Of course two legs in one, that’s the new fashion, ain’t it?

        Also, everything thing has to be done by her, no help needed..that ‘I’m a big girl, I’m on my own’ philosophy?

  4. Hehe…I looove the name Dabangg Mirchi 🙂 😉
    Well…you better get used to it. Out of the two one kid has to be the rebellious sort or the family isn’t complete. *shuddering to think of the time I get my second one*
    Enjoy….that’s much easier….give my hugs to both the precious girls 🙂 🙂

  5. note to self – *book tickets* *pack bags* *head over to Comfy land ASAP*.

    don’t want Bugz to grow up and move on to more awesomeness before I’ve had the chance to witness the cuteness that she is now 🙂

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