Buzz learned about rhyming words a couple of months back and finding rhyming words for everything is her latest game. Most of the time it is about substituting the starting letter randomly to see if it forms a word.

If asked what rhymes with say ‘Book’, her first instinct is to say ‘Shook’.

*digression* Proud mother moment that she has taken the Hindi lesson so well. Kaam – Waam, Roti – Shoti, Book – Shook *end digression*

Sometimes what she comes up with is indeed a word and sometimes it is not. If it is not a word, I tell her it is not and she goes on to think of another word.

Yesterday as we were at the same game she came up with


Thought and thought and said it rhymes with


Not hearing any response from me, she looked at me and asked

Yeah word hai kya Mumma? (Is it a word Mumma?)

I try and not lie to the kids no matter how difficult the issue is but saying yes meant answering the next question

What does it mean Mumma?

I quickly changed the topic. Things kids can come up with are beyond anything a grown adult mind can comprehend. Apparently rhyming words are also not landmine free!!!

38 thoughts on “Hat..bat..rat

  1. and then you tell them it is a bad word, they either want to know the meaning or try use the word again to irritate us. Little curious minds. ….

    1. You think? They remember AHK, they remember and it would come out and haunt me at some point, I am sure. That is why I changed the topic, but then again who knows 🙂

      1. I must admit I was confused too. I thought she was trying to say “yuck” but pronouncing it “uck” instead. Took me two days to realize what this was all about. 😛

        1. OH! Yuck!! Now I get it. I guess my rhyming is also not that great 😛 and the rest have a dirty mind to have got it in one go 😆

    1. If it was me, I would have told ‘screwed’ means tightening the screw. I go for literal meanings in such cases and not how we use them. And then remember not to say such things in the future 😛

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