Chotta bandar..nakalchi bandar..

She spies the kiddy purse someone gifted Buzz on table and points to it.


Purse? I ask her and she nods her head in affirmative, as she takes it from my hand.


she says as she waves her hand.

Khaan jaa rahi hei Bugz?

I ask aloud.


comes her reply. Baahar (outside)?, I say.

She gives me a big smile, lets the purse hang from her elbow, turns around and walks out of the room.

A couple of seconds later she is back in the room, purse held in palm of her hand and a big wave.


As I respond with ‘Hi, Bugz’, she laughs out loud and keeps the purse back on the table.

My every morning and every evening routine enacted perfectly without much words spoken and no prompting. This continues in the exact same way for numerous re-takes for the next 10 mins.


As I get the two of them ready for bed, Buzz plays her usual game – whispered secrets. She whispers random things in my ear, I make funny faces, we laugh as Buzz pretends to fall on her bed.

As soon as Buzz is on her bed, Bugz comes up to me, puts her mouth to my ear, holds still for a couple of seconds and climbs on to the bed alongside Buzz. My amazement shows on my face and she falls on the bed laughing.

The two of them keep taking turns; one with words, the other without.


My chotta sa bandar is becoming a true nakalchi bandar.

28 thoughts on “Chotta bandar..nakalchi bandar..

  1. Hahaha! Nakalchi 🙂 Its just like how Adi copies every lil thing that his didi does!

    The first scene had me grinning 😀 Cuteeee!!

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