Indeed a big deal

I am not a ‘days’ kind of person. I am mostly blind to them till my FB wall gets flooded with posts wishing each other. I make the same observations every year – like for mother’s day women are busy wishing each other, putting up pictures of their moms and putting status updates about how they understand their mom’s better now that they have kids of their own; for father’s day they have videos and pictures of husband and kids, along with status about their husband being the best dad in the world. The men are mostly missing from each of these days’ social celebrations. This year I saw not even a single post from any of my male friends wishing anyone a happy mother’s day or talking about how they thought their wife was the best mom around. It might be due to my limited use of FB and that I don’t see a lot of the feeds but this was the state of the feeds I did get. Besides these observations and wondering the why’s behind them, I am mostly happy for the ones who are celebrating the big day.

The first mother’s day after Buzz was born, we were out of town with no internet and missed out on the whole thing completely. Every year since there is something or the other Buzz’s (then daycare and now) school makes all the kids make for their respective Moms. I collect it all, as a I collect any other art that she makes, with a huge smile. The things that she makes and the festivity seems to be getting bigger every year but I guess that is part of her growing up. Like this year I got a flower pot that she decorated with buttons, we planted a small flower in it and will hopefully see it grow big in the months and years to come. There was also a card and questions about what she thinks her Mom does, printed and laminated for me to hold on to. Buzz thinks I am 55 year old, Pizza loving Mom, who speaks loudly when angry, loves to play with her in my free time and am special because I dress her up. Once the celebration at school is done, I get back to normal schedule.

Our weekends are hectic, there is a long to-do list and the day and time to get them done is somewhat fixed. Come Sunday we took Buzz to her swimming class with the usual plan of me slipping in a quick workout while Buzz was busy and D took care of Bugz and then we would do our regular swap. The class apparently got canceled without any notice because it was Mother’s day. Everyone seemed surprised that we did not realize this without being told. We tried a bunch of options like trying to find a private instructor for Buzz to no avail, while she kept crying non-stop because she looks forward to her class all week and it was not to be. We promised her that we would bring her again in the evening and get our swimsuits along so that she could swim with us, only to be told the kids pool would close early for the day. The indoor play area where the kids play was also closed. After trying to figure things out and nothing working, we somehow got Buzz to calm down, took her to the park and let the kids run around for a bit. To cheer us all up, D had the brilliant idea of heading to our fav. restaurant for brunch (it is a small little place with great food). Parking nightmare, long wait and brunch became lunch. Heading back was not an option because Buzz would not let us. Almost every table had gift bags and bouquet of various sizes. The servers were running around like crazy, trying to fit everyone. I guess same was going on in the kitchen because the orders took forever to come. Lunch was late lunch.

For the first time, I have really realized what a big deal Mother’s day (and I am guessing the rest of the days) is. That people take is so seriously. That it means a lot to a lot of people. That it is much more than FB status updates.

After the kids were asleep D and I got talking about it and I said, ‘May be we are missing out on something. How about we celebrate Mother’s day next year, the way it is supposed to?’

He came back with, ‘Like you will remember any of this a year from now.’

He knows me a bit too well.. grr.. so I write it down here just so that I can get back at him a year from now. One-upmanship the greatest motivator of all.

20 thoughts on “Indeed a big deal

  1. I think these days are getting more and more commercial by the day. I do like the idea of a special day to celebrate motherhood, on which you can pamper your mother, remember her and all that she has done for you. On second thoughts, is such a day really needed? Any day you feel like can be mother’s day, right?

    1. If it were to me, my Mother’s day would be the day I actually became a mother – the day my kids were born. I don’t mind two days to celebrate instead of one 😛

      In my head I don’t really need one day to celebrate what I do for my kids. I don’t want my husband or kids to be thankful to me for being a Mom. It was more my choice than anything. 🙂

    1. I have seen it go all different ways, commercial and non-commercial. But there is a certain expectation that goes with the day which sometimes get out of hand.

    1. He should remember there is something called father’s day for that. He is even more blind than me when it comes to these days 😀

  2. Marketing, futile or whatever…I just love celebrations and I don’t wait for days or dates…. Our favourite team winning a match is reason enough for us, our best friends first anniversary when we cudnt join them makes us celebrate on our own 🙂 and so many similar happenings….

    1. You are doubting my memory? 😮 Let me tell you I can forget most anything these days. If I don’t remember this post when the words Mother’s day are uttered next year, no tag will help me remember 😳

      1. may be not next year; some day when you will browse the tags on the left on your blog page ; you will be bumped by the word “mothers day” and you will put out this post and read 😉 😆

  3. I don’t understand the Facebook love, I wish everyone told those to their moms directly. Not that I am complaining. I too had a simar experience at a restaurant where we went for dinner. He said they had 3000 visitors that day. I could see they were dead tired .. I wish instead of we celebrate it one day we treat moms with love and respect through out the year. Chucky made my Mother’s Day so special . I did write about it in my blog..

    1. No we don’t need one day but someone has decided on that day and everyone follows. Social media is just a reflection of the same and an easy way to show what feel. I bet people do tell their moms directly as well.
      Amen, to treat moms with love and respect through out the year.
      Runs to read your blog post.

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