In conversation with..


We went to Grand Canyon, remember? What did you see there?
– Snow, lots of snow! And I got MnMs. I asked for it and Mumma said we have to pay for it first. Then I got little MnMs every day and saved the rest for the next day.


When you grow up and are as tall as Mumma, will you share your dresses with me?
– No!
– Because you will be as tall as the celling by then, so my clothes will not fit you. I will share mine with Bugz.


You can’t wear that dress today, it is too cold out.
– When we go to Hawaii can I wear a dress?
– Everyday?
– Then why are we not going to Hawaii?


– Mumma, who got me that blue dress?
P Akka, baby.
– Do you miss her?
Yes, I do.
– Why?
Because she is my friend.
– We ate ice-cream when she came!


– Why can’t I wear my sparkly shoes? (Sparkly jootis from India which are super flimsy)
Because you will tear them.
– Why will they become broke Mumma? (Broke is the only tense she knows and everything borkes.)
Because they are not meant to run around in.
– Because we bought them in India?
– Did we pay a lot of money for them?
No. (wondering where she is going with this)
– That is why they broke. This weekend buy me new sparkly shoes from here and pay a lot of money for them, OK?


What is your favorite color?
– Pink and purple and sparkly and shiny and rainbow.
What is your favorite store?
– India store, because they have free lollypop there.
Which is your favorite house?
– Open house.


– Can we touch the sun, Mumma?
– Why?
Because it is very hot. If we get close to it, we will burn.
– Then we will go to Bhagwaanji?
Yes, yes we will.
– Can we touch the clouds?
Yes, airplanes fly through them all the time.
-Nooooo! Can we touch them?
Sometimes! When we are on a high mountain, sometimes the clouds also come down and we get surrounded in them. We can touch them then.
– Can we touch a rainbow?
– Why?


Things she things of, the questions she asks, the associations she makes leave me speechless every single day!

28 thoughts on “In conversation with..

    1. And I had to think a little as to when we ate the ice cream! Bugs, you and I in the car while D took Buzz for a restroom break and then to the ice-cream place and brought us ice-cream to the car! Now, I remember!!

    2. Look at the smile on Akka’s face 😀

      Oh and you became Priyanka for a bit there because she thought I was the idiot who was saying it wrong 😛

  1. Aww…. Buzz and her innocence and inquisitiveness…reminds of a latest ad featuring Kajol that how mothers have to be even more prepared to answer their kids questions and inculcate the habit of questioning. And keep my word this one is going to be one Brand conscious girl 🙂

  2. LOL. Super cute! 🙂

    The kind of questions that kids ask open up so many new dimensions of thought for us, no? I love the way kids think.

    ROFL @ buy me new sparkly jootis, and pay a lot of money for them, OK? 😀

  3. It always leaves me speechless to see how children develop their own logic without being taught or educated and technically how correct they are….whereas we adults leave all the practical logic behind even after being much educated and so called ‘seen the world’ types, ain’t it surprising?

  4. It’s all about going to Hawaii, eating MnMs/ ice-cream, buying expensive shoes…Buzz, way to go girl! 🙂

    Jokes apart, some really precious convos, it’s amazing how they think and connect, isn’t it?

    BTW, ‘Open house’ – where did that come from? You guys looking to buy a house? * curious *

    1. Exactly AHK! Trips, junk food, dressing up..that is a theme here. No joke this. 😥

      ‘Open house’ came from kids talking about it at school, I think. 🙂

  5. hahaha!!
    her logic and reasoning deserve applause and loads of hugs!! 🙂
    so, will you take me along when you go to Hawaii?! 😉
    I’ll babysit! 😛 😛

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