Coming true already


The first time I ever actively thought about blogging was when D said he wanted to create a blog and capture all our various trips in it. Don’t really remember my reaction but I do remember D creating a blog on ‘Blogspot’ writing about his trip up one of the mountains here. The blog was never opened after that first post and is long forgotten now.

A few months after, a friend started her blog and shared a link with all of us. She used to update her blog regularly and I would go read what she wrote. That was my first true brush with anything blogging. I started blog hopping soon after and found quite a few blogs that held my interest.

The first time I actively thought about blogging myself was when Buzz was in her cute stage and I wanted to capture her little actions for years to come. One night, after Buzz was asleep, I opened ‘WordPress’, tried a few log ins, one worked and my blog was born.

D knew when I started the blog, but never really asked about it. He never asked for the URL, I never gave it to him. Once randomly he asked me about my blog and said ‘kuch padha’*. I opened one post, he read, passed some comments, we laughed and that was it.

I, inherently, am a very private person. Writing a public blog is a huge deal for me. The mask of semi-anonymity helps me break some of my barriers and write what I do. In real life post having Buzz and then Bugz, life became super busy and suddenly there seemed like I had no time to myself. My personal space, my time, my very own thoughts.. there was no place to just be. The kids took over everything. My blog became the one place which was just mine. I own it, I control it, I just am. The fact that D does not read it, gives me the much needed space I need at this point in my life. I guess, that I never ask him to read anything I write speaks about how closely I guard my blog and that he never asks too many details except for an occasional, ‘I feel like reading something’, shows the way he respects my space.


D and I were talking about some milestone for Bugz and that should she not have met it by now. Which automatically got us to, ‘was Buzz at this milestone when she was this old?’ While I was trying to wrack my brains trying to remember, D said:

Go check your blog. I am sure it is there somewhere.

Not a huge deal but it brought an instant smile to my face. The main thought behind why my blog exists today is coming true already. When the kids grow up and ask for it, hopefully they will have a smile on their faces as they read along.


*Let me read something.


30 thoughts on “Coming true already

  1. “Go check your blog. I am sure it is there somewhere.” – That brought a wide smile to my face too. Heck, that’s one of the big reasons we write of our kids. To read and recall and cherish those golden moments which otherwise might be long forgotten.

    Also, it helps me see myself years younger and how my thought process worked 🙂

    BTW, the husband knows but never reads the blog too. Not out of respect or any such thing, but sheer lazy bumming 😛

  2. My husband doesn’t read either and I have not publicized my blog anywhere because I like to keep it private and personal to my virtual readers, I have only one reader who met me in real life. I wanted that seperation .

    I started my blog for capturing Chcuky’s antics and for our travels too, my Travel thursday is an inspiration series from you :)and I am waiting for that day when I come back to my blog to track something .

    1. Same for me. I like that separation as well 🙂

      Oh I never realized you took TT from me. 🙂

      I am sure one of these days, you will come back to your blog for some trackback. 🙂

  3. Such a lovely thing to do it is like having a virtual diary. And when you think the person does not read it mentions about it, man you are overwhelmed???

  4. That brought a smile to my face, too. 🙂

    A blog brings back so many fond memories, a few years down the lane. I don’t get very personal on my blog, too, but it is still nice to look back sometimes and read of some incidents in life. 🙂

    1. Reading back is amazing..especially since I don’t remember so many little little things that the kids did at one point. All of them come back every time I go back and read. 🙂

  5. Go check your blog. I am sure it is there somewhere.
    Ha ha ha… sounds like my husband’s dialogue to me 😀
    See? People eventually realise the value of blogs after all !

  6. hahahaha! D is cute eh?

    RD reads every posts but never comments…we hardly discuss the blog except while meeting blog friends..but yaa…I guess the blog is going to be one of the only few good things I am going to give R in inheritance eh?

    1. Oh RD reads that is so nice!
      Blog friends is a can of worms in Comfy household. Something D does not get at all! ‘You met people online and talk to them?’ 😮 This is his reaction. 😀

  7. The blog is our own personal space that afford us the opportunity to be ourselves. Congo for that. I am so possessive bout my two blogs. By the way, I had another one on Bigadda but since the website has closed down, dunno what happened to it:(

    1. OK 2 things:
      – Your husband is not on FB? or is he just not your friend on FB?
      – Blog? What blog? You have one? When was the last time you updated it? Bollo bollo

      1. err I did make an account for him on FB and added all his friends. But didn’t add myself (I mean my blogger wala FB account) :mrgreen: 👿

        Because you asked…. it’s been exactly 1 year as of today. I wrote the last post on 26 April 2012 🙄

  8. I started blogging long back and the reason was I loved writing and blogging gave me that chance to bring out the writer in me. I wrote general day to day life anecdotes, fictional stories and sometimes tried poetry too.. Made very good friends like you 🙂 and thought this is what blogging is all about 🙂

    Then came Chirpy in picture and now truly the intention of writing is to capture my the now feelings for her to read in future (if she wants to,that is) and for me to reminisce how her childhood went by… Space wohi, Wajah Nayi 🙂

  9. Absolutely! All the lil bits give so much joy when we go back n read.. Occasionally Ammu too reads what I’ve written and looks happy!
    I’m sure they’ll enjoy reading all the lil things about themselves when they grow up just the way we used to love hearing lil things about ourselves from our grandparents and others 🙂

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