Weekday evenings

The garage door opens and at the sound of it, two heads lift up. Everything is dropped, as with huge smiles on their faces, they both run in different directions.

D calls out:

Aa gaya tu? (You came?)

Ecstatic Bugz chimes in with a:

Papa Papa Papa!

as she raises both her hands to be picked up.

Bugz in his hands, he turns the corner asking her:

Didi kahaan hei? Dikh nahien rahi? (Where is Didi? Can’t see her?)

Giggles are heard from some corner of the house giving out the location of the hiding Buzz. Alas hard of hearing Paa-daughter duo go about looking all over the house with no success, till they literally stumble upon her.

Hugs, kisses, laughs, long explanations follow. Socks, jacket are discarded in their designated spots and hands are washed. After which they all move on to expedition ‘Chai’. Fight over who will crush the cardamom and who will put in sugar and tea leaves are sorted out.

After which the free choice part of the evening starts with everyone doing what they have to, to finish the day out. But a smile lingers on everyone’s face for the sheer joy courtesy those 15 mins.

Sun does shine on my little family. Touchwood!


36 thoughts on “Weekday evenings

  1. So very cute comfy. Close to the same happens at home. Now that Hubby has gone on work for 5 weeks, kids are counting days down for him to be back. Loved the way the daughters duo share stuff with daddy. Hugs to the kiddos…

    1. Don’t be. It is the kids who keep reminding. Bugz points to the closet, Buzz opens it, Bugz keep standing at it till he puts everything in place. If not for them who know where things would land up 😳

    1. It is total Gabbar style wonly 😀

      err..D is the only one in the house who has Chai, so he comes and makes his own. I am a super wife that way 😳

      1. No, no, I didn’t mean to ask if he comes and makes the chai. LOL

        What I was saying is after he returns late in the evening, isn’t it too late to have chai? It’s usually time for dinner, right? That’s how it is with us.

        1. Oh OK. I took it as, I wait to have chai till he comes home.

          D loves his Chai, he can have it anytime of day or night. In our case, we feed the kids, get them to bed and then have dinner. We like the peacefull, no interruption meal once a day, so it does work out well with D’s tea after he comes home. 🙂

  2. Brought happy tears to my eyes. Reminded me of times when the sound of daddy’s bike would send the sister and me into happy raptures. Kitne Guggu, happy babies hain, Bugz and Buzz. Kala teeka.

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