The Comfy household is fighting the Cold virus these days and when I say fighting, I mean trying really hard not to catch it from each other.

One day last week, Buzz came home with a case of sniffles. I feared runny nose, fever, severe congestion but she was mostly fine throughout the day. It was only as she lay down at night when she would go in to bouts of coughing. Head/Chest high, medicine, Vicks – we did the works but she coughed till she settled down for the night.

Buzz: Cough cough cough
Bugz (lying face down in her crib in the same room): Khoo Khoo


Buzz got all better in a couple of days which meant she asked for and was refused her cough medicine. Bugz on the other hand had caught the bug and was actually coughing.

Bugz: Cough cough cough
Buzz (hand on her face): Khoo khoo! Dekho Mumma mujhe bhi khansi hei, dawaayi chahiye! (Mumma, see I am coughing, I need my medicine!)

Only after I told her that Bugz would not get any medicine for her cough since she was too little did the mock cough stop.


This morning D, fearing the worst, was heard gargling in the bathroom upstairs.

Bugz: grr grr grr.. oooo!
grr grr grr.. oooo!
grr grr grr.. oooo!

Buzz soon followed, as the two of them made their way upstairs.

Gargles forgotten D was heard laughing hard.


PS: For anyone who cares about me, I am still fighting to the best of my ability


16 thoughts on “Cold

  1. LOL!!
    hope everyone is feeling better now!
    We battled thru the damn cold too… what a virus! whew!! I was sick with cold and cough for almost 4 weeks!!

  2. Here we all were sick too to the extend i had to use the nebulizer for Chucky one day. I hope you all feel better real soon and try not to catch cold, you know most of the time Chucky gets cold and she recovers and that’s when I get that..I am telling you its a pain..

    1. It is the same with us as well. The only difference is that my immune system has got a lot of workout and can fight the virus well. I probably catch a cold a couple of times a year now. I used to be sick all the time when Buzz started going to daycare, not anymore.

      Hope Chucky and all of you are better now!

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