Phone conversation

D: I am thinking of stopping by the Indian Store on my way back home. Feel like eating Samosas. How many do I get for you?
Me: Don’t want any. *with thoughts of weight loss running in high gear through my head* Just get one for Buzz.
D: Yeah Buzz has already placed her order and is all excited about it. You sure you don’t want any?
Me: Yeah!


I was putting Bugz to sleep when these two entered the house. Buzz’s excited voice could not be missed. There was a little fight over when to wash hands, before or after eating. D quietly but firmly said, ‘both’.

I came down after Bugz was asleep to find D finishing the last of his Samosa and Buzz busy eating hers.

Me: You really did not get any for me? *puppy dog face*
D: You were the one who so adamantly said you did not want any! *horrified*
Me: No one loves me. Sob Sob! *full on drama*
Buzz: Mumma, I love you so much!

Finishes off the last of the hard shell of the samosa, leaving all the potatoes (which she NEVER eats) and hands her plate to me.

Buzz: I will share my samosa with you.
Me: errrrrr!!


28 thoughts on “Sharing

  1. Such a sweet child, she is! She ate all the unhealthy carbs and gave Mumma the healthy carbs because Mumma’s trying to lose weight!! And you errrr her? Like, Seriously?!!

    1. She is not in LOVE with potatoes for sure. She eats it in paranthas and sabzi but then again I don’t cook a lot of potato dishes. The ones in samosas are spicy for her which is why she leaves them 🙂

  2. Was offered a plate full of hot samosas in an event yesterday and I politely refused ( due to the visible sight of dripping oil on them)…while the others happily gorged.

    Now, I come here only to repent my action yesterday. Me want some of those samosas too! 😦

  3. LOL!!! Buzz is really smart eh?
    She knows her priorities really well 😉

    The Gods must be punishing me!! First its dreams about samosas and now its your post! 🙂

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