If you ever visit the Comfy household..

..and find some of your personal belongings missing please look in the trashcan. Bugz – The cleaner, thinks that the trash is the rightful place for every single thing and is seen dumping random things there. Now what you pick out of the trashcan is based on the value of the said thing, its value to you and your hygiene tolerance level.

..please keep your undergarments under a lock and key unless you want Bugz to use them as accessories to be worn around the neck and on the head.

..understand the meaning behind every ‘enh’ ’cause you better not come running to me when a full on drama commences.

..smile from afar if you want smiles in return. Coming close only gets you suspicious looks in return.

..get dressed to go out of the house if you want Bugz to come to you, because she will go to anyone as long as she gets to go outside.

..don’t forget to bring earplugs along if you value your eardrums even a little bit.

..please don’t for anything and I mean ANYTHING (even refills) take Bugz sippy cup away from her. Now if you are the one to hand a missing sippy cup back to her, be ready to be dazzled with a smile wide and shiny eyes.

So anyone coming?

43 thoughts on “If you ever visit the Comfy household..

  1. Underwear on the head..LOL!! I am laughing just imagining Bugz avatar 😀

    I wanna come Comfy..really really ..just to be dazzled by her smile 🙂 [ and of course to meet buzz baby too] !

      1. Awww. She is super cute! The underwear around the neck reminds me of my chaddi buddy’s then 1 year old who ‘discovered’ how to wear them and turned around to smile gleefully at her mamma, at this new discovery. I have a picture, forever framing that silly grin on my Nukkad Singh. I can totally imagine Bugz doing that! What a fun little trooper, she is 😀

    1. Neither of the two sit still and have a pact going on to scream on the top of their lungs as soon as we log in to skype. Skyping is no happening in the Comfy house 😥

      1. LOL! its not happening in the R household as well..just then as we start, R gets hungry, wants to go to potty, wants to ‘do my homework just now’ wants to run and play..yaada yaada..may be 10 years from now, I can say I have successfully accomplished a skype session 🙄

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