Pigeon Hole

Mornings are my time with the kids. We play, sing, dance, jump, spin, run – have fun. It is also my time to introduce my favorite songs, as a child, to them. Not consciously but that is what seems to happen. I remember a song randomly, start singing out aloud, Buzz joins in, we modify it here and here, sing them out loud and we laugh along, till a few days later we are on a new song.

About a month back, I started on a song called Bang bang Lulu. The tune is catchy and Buzz was hooked. It soon got modified to:

Bang bang Bugz, Bugz’s gone away. Bugz has gone to bang bang, oh Bugz has gone away.

A few days later I hear D singing:

Bang bang Bugz, Bugz kabootar (pigeon) re. Bugz has gone to bang bang, oh Bugz kabootar re.

I burst out laughing as I asked him what he was singing. He replied, ‘I am singing the song you girls sing’. Apparently in his sleep induced haze, that he used to listen to us singing in, Bugz turned in to a Kabootar. No matter the number of times I correct him or play the original to him, Bugz continues to be a Kabootar.

He took it a step further this morning when he added:

Bugz has a boyfriend, boyfriend kabootar re. Bugz has gone to bang bang, oh Bugz kabootar re.

Well at least Bugz and her boyfriend are of the same species. Small mercies!

24 thoughts on “Pigeon Hole

  1. your posts are getting so adorable by the minute, that I can’t wait for my boys to grow up and start talking 🙂

    OMG it’s been ages since I heard this song. I still remember dancing to this one in a pretty little green frock and thank god I didn’t know what the lyrics meant at that time 😉

    1. They will grow up woman. Let them be for the time being. At least your TV and shoe collection is safe for now. 😛

      Looking back I am glad my mom did not pay attention to the lyrics else that would be the end of Bang Bang and Lulu would have gone away for good. 😀

    1. I am waiting for the time when real true blue boyfriend shows up and see how D deals with it 😀

      Oh I used to love this song as a kid. Only now I know what it all means 🙂

    1. Oh yes! D is in the game by default because he zones out when I talk and makes up things based on rhyming words of what he thought he heard. What madness, I tell you!

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