Creative teachings

I love the sound track of ‘Sound of music’ and figured I should pass it along to the kids. I started by singing ‘Do Re Mi’ to them. Buzz caugth on quick.

Me: Do
Buzz: A deer, a female deer
Me: Re
Buzz: A drop of golden sun
Me: Mi
Buzz: A name I call myself
Me: And that will bring us back to
Buzz: Do ooooo. Do – a deer, a female deer.


I have always wanted music to be a part of the kids life which means our house is constantly filled with music. Hindi, English, Punjabi, instrumental and assorted music from around the world that we like. If nothing else I sing to them in my toneless voice and we dance around.

Sometime last year while singing a popular Hindi song I changed some (errr almost all) of the lyrics to add Buzz and Bugz name in it. The tune stayed the same. Buzz, too little to understand that it was a made up song, was overjoyed to find a song with Bugz and her name in it and constantly asked me to sing it to her. Hence started

O Bugz Bugz Bugz, O kitni pyaari pyaari Bugz, O Buzz aur Bugz, O Buzz aur Bugz milli.

sung to the tune of ‘O uddi uddi uddi’ from the movie ‘Saathiya’. Since then a lot of songs have been changed to include their names, much to Buzz’s amusement.


Overheard this morning:

Do – a deer, a female deer. Re – A drop of golden Bugz.

Such a proud Mommy moment for me! I have passed on my creative genius on to the next generation.

26 thoughts on “Creative teachings

  1. I hope that Anonymously Disguised woman reads this comment of mine 😉

    Ahem *clears throat* I’ve heard the Ooo Bugz Bugz Bugz song sung by Comfy! Traaa laaa laaa! 🙂

    1. You just wait!!! I am planning to bug the husband till he shifts his job to Comfy’s town and I will settle down right in the middle of Comfy’s backyard. Then you will have to see my tongue sticking out every time you come on Skype 😛

  2. aiyyo some cute stuff that I read today 🙂 Buzzzzzzzie & Bugzie darlings…muwah!

    P.S. I loveeeeeeeeeeeee SOM ! I’ve like seen it [and heard the songs] like 100 times 🙂

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