Slow melt

Bugz has moved on from being a one-trick (pony) to a jack (of many trades ..err tricks). For the longest time all she could do was clap. Bye-bye was a hit and miss thing. High-five got more hits than misses. These days she is picking new things every single day though.

Kitte badde hum? (How big are we?)

I would ask Buzz when she was little. She would raise both her hands high to show how big she was and would look absolutely adorable doing so. I was itching to teach Bugz the same and started on it yesterday when I had some alone time with her. Teach and repeat 5-6 times and Bugz had it down.

Today was the day to show off the newly learned trick and she came out with flying colors. Smiles and claps followed, which meant Bugz would not stop, even when we stopped asking her the cue question.

Things calmed down after a bit. D and I got busy in the kitchen while the kids started playing.

Wow, look at them!

exclaimed D, all of a sudden. I looked up to see them sitting on the floor next to each other. Buzz bent a little and gave Bugz a kiss on her cheek. Bugz then followed by stretching up to peck Buzz’s cheek. Repeat, repeat again and again.

Don’t know who taught Bugz the kissing part. All I know is that seeing the two of them had us the parents slowly melt in to a puddle of mush.


24 thoughts on “Slow melt

    1. You know what? It is only after I ready your comment that I realized I made posts two days in a row. Don’t even remember the last time I did that.
      You can go aww on this post because I can’t stop going aww yet. 🙂 Yes I do know ‘what’ but I have been hearing about your thinking for so long with nothing more than thinking that I am thinking of giving up on you. 😛

  1. This is all too much! Unfair even. You cannot write stuff in ways that can melt me like this. I don’t even have a kid to understand what you are saying, but I am heap of mush here. Grab the cuties and come here. I’ll teach them rhymes standing on the land of rhymes. I will even teach them London bridge rhyme standing in front of it! Then when they grow older, I will show them ancient cottages that belonged to authors.

    Sounds good? (You can accompany us or go with D on romantic day trips to Paris).

  2. Awwwww! Ok, so I took a page out of your book, or rather a line out of your post and am teaching Zo stuff like this, repeating it 10 times, and it is total timepass 😉
    Sibling love is the bestest! And sister love is something I can vouch by really 🙂

    1. Yes yes take page, leaf, line and try out things with Zo. They are adorable at this age. But but I have to say teach her something where she has to raise both her hands high in the air. They look adorable doing it. The whole combination of hands stretched up while they stand on their still kind of funnily balanced feet, their baby stomach, the smile on their face while they try to look up but also watch your beyond word beautiful. Hence the ‘Kitne bade hum’ that I came up with.
      Oh and don’t forget to write all about the things she is learning so that we can be in on the fun 🙂

  3. I rarely comment, but when you write such turn-us-into-mush posts, I just had to leave a comment. Given I come from a home of two sisters, reading it makes me gush some more because the bond only gets better and better. Love to your babies – such joy-bringers 🙂

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