Lunch date, talk and looking back

Between two kids and two hectic work schedules D and I get little or no free time to spend together. Which means we work on making time, which in turn means leaving work in the middle of the day to have lunch together. Cell phones are kept aside, kids don’t need taking care of, time for just the two of us.

On our lunch date early this week we got talking about the importance of experiences vs. possessions (an article about the same here) and what it means. We debated about how everyone is different and for someone possessions and the joy it brings in indeed more important, while for others the experiences they have had is what brings the biggest smiles. We were giving examples to support our arguments when D asked me about our car. It is our possession but driving it is a great experience. Where do we bucket that? We came up with more of such examples and the line started to blur. Why do you need that big flat screen TV? Why do you buy that dress? Why that powerful laptop? Why that particular face wash? Better picture quality, looking good, faster processing, glowing skin. Possessions that enhance the everyday experiences.

Having made a complete mishmash of the original theory we moved on to looking purely at our experiences – vacations, skiing trips, hikes, camping trips, bungee jump, helicopter ride, concerts. At which point I went on a tangent and started telling D about how special the Eric Clapton concert we went to was for me. I have talked about this so many times that I was shocked when D asked me why it was special.

‘Why would you ask me why it is special? You know why it is?’, I told him.
‘No, I don’t. Tell me.’, he said.

And it hit me, I go around talking about that particular concert with everyone but never have said a word to the one person who made it special for me. Idiot, that is me.

I went ahead and told him all about it. Saw the smile that came on his face and stayed as we walked out. A perfect end to a lunch date, me thinks.

28 thoughts on “Lunch date, talk and looking back

      1. awww..I am ignoring everything as I imagine the two little monkeys. And errr monkeys? Really? When you gave me such a hard time about calling Bugz a monkey?

  1. Ah lunch dates are so much fun, with dedicated time for each other. Once kids are around all the focus will shift to them. I wish you both get many more such beautiful dates 🙂

    Your writing is magical, please do write often 🙂

  2. Lovely.i realise now that though we work in the same place we religiously avoid each other for lunch.maybe starting a lunch date would ne better without the lityle fellow. And yet another lesson-i talk too abt all the things he does to make me happy but never tell him directly abt it…maybe i shud?to keep the relationship going and staying in a happy place…
    And yeah.i want to know abt the concert too…

    1. Why do you avoid each other? 😮 Go go plan that lunch date, I tell you. And yes talk about things he does to make you happy. The smile itself is worth it all. 🙂

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