Jab mein badi ho jaaoingi – Part II

We had to go to a friend’s place for lunch, which meant I got the girls ready and walked in to my room to get dressed myself. The salwar kameez I was planning to wear sat on the bed. Buzz, who is used to seeing me in Jeans and T day in and day out, took one look at the salwar kameez and asked,

Aap yeah pehno ge?*

Yes, I replied and walked to the bathroom with my clothes to get dressed. After having changed as I stepped out to have Buzz chime in,

Jab mein badi ho jaaoingi mein bhi yeah dress pehnuingi. Aap mere saath share karoge, right?**

I smiled, ruffled her hair, said yes and got busy with other things before we left.

Socks, shoes, bottles, diapers, food for Bugz..check..check..check and we made our way downstairs to get in to the car. And instead of wearing my regular shoes I got my Jootis out.

Yeah aap ke shoes hein? Jab mein badi ho jaaoingi mein bhi yeah shoes pehnuingi.***

Turns around looks at the shoes D is wearing, turns back to me

Papa wale nahein pehnuingi!****

* This is what you will be wearing?
** I with also wear this when I grow up. You will share it with me, right?
***These are your shoes? When I grow up I will also wear these shoes.
****Won’t wear the ones Papa is wearing.

8 thoughts on “Jab mein badi ho jaaoingi – Part II

  1. LOL! 😀 So cute…

    By the way, it would help if you just gave the translations in brackets right after each sentence. The stars are a bit distracting…making me feel I am missing something out…even while I understand the sentence in Hindi!

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