Akka came on bacashion

Endless chat sessions, long phone calls, about a dozen Skype dates and countless dreams about what we would do when we finally met. Work schedules, university schedules, different continents, life in general and a certain someone’s sheer bad luck when it comes to travel plans and meeting face to face seemed almost impossible. And still we kept on planning. Expectations were kept low to the point where a couple of days before she was to fly to our part of the world, I told her ‘I will believe you are coming over only when you land here’. She did start that conversation with floods in her part of the world, am I really to blame then?

First step was a call from the same continent and I started to feel more hopeful. Second step was a phone call telling me she was on her way to my city. Excitement grew. I would actually see her (unless she somehow missed her connection). No further communication, I took as a positive sign, which meant in my excitement I strapped both the kids in their car seat and drove to the airport to bring her home. And and got to the airport on time. The airline folks has other plans, alas, which meant there was the wait at the airport, followed by lost and found phone calls, till another drive around the arrival area and I spotted her.

As I parked the car and stepped out, the one thing that constantly played in my head was, ‘it is OK if she does not give you a hug, you need to give her her space’, remembering all the conversations where she spoke about being uncomfortable with people invading her physical space. And what does she do? She opens her hands wide and gives me a big hug. Ahh! I could not stop smiling while all she did was gush over the fact that both the kids came to pick her up. hmmp! I get no importance, I tell you.

What followed was me playing awesome host. NOT! One meal was all I cooked for her in the 3 days that she spent with us. She was dragged to Bugz doctor’s appointment, Buzz’s school pickup, an overnight trip with complete strangers (for her, not me), some random stuff D and I had to take care of in town and we abandoned her, all on her lonesome, in the middle of town. She cooked amazing sambhar and dosas for us while D and I sat and ate. She entertained the kids while we drove 4 plus hours for our overnight trip. While most everyone ran after kids (and God knows what the guys did, what did they do, do you remember?), poor soul was left to man the stove. She was made to sleep on the couch. She held on to a crying, wiggling Bugz while I ate my breakfast and fed Buzz and was so good that Bugz finally slept on her shoulder (and that never happens with anyone but me and that too if I am very lucky). She sat through another 4 hour drive and Bugz spitting all over her and then came home to make Biryani while I sat and talked to her. Oh and made enough that it lasted me two days. I so needed that to remind myself that she really had come and was gone so quickly.

I think I lost count on the number of times I cursed her itinerary which has her spend so much of her time on the various airports but I got to see her in person and got to spend three days with her. And the highlight for me was the hour long walk we took along the river, talking about Amma, Jani, Paati, the kids but even more the fact that I could stop and give her a hug when she had tears in her eyes. Full moon and the beauty of it all only added to the reason why that walk was so special.

You know how when we think about meeting someone, we picture things a certain way? I had a similar image in my head. But in my head Buzz and her interaction with her Akka was a big part of my image. I say this constantly (biased Maa alert) and I will say this again, Buzz is a happy, social, friendly kid but one never knows when the shy bug bites kids, so I held my breath on how these two would interact. There was the need for translation every now and then when Buzz spoke to me (Akka we need to teach you some Hindi, you know 😛 ), there was a little bit of being shy on Buzz’s part, there was all her kiddy friends on the trip. But they did spend some good time together and the big ice-breaker came at the tail-end of the trip. D was helping a friend by fetching something from the car, I was busy feeding Bugz, Buzz standing at the edge of the lake while Akka took off her shoes and stepped in. Buzz of course wanted to follow. I told her that she could only go in if she held on to Akka’s hand. Aah the instant looking at Akka with eyes shining and voice dripping with honey, ‘Akka will you please take me?’ What followed was being held from one stone to the other by Akka, laughter galore and some amazing pictures for me to hold on to.

As Akka said her bye-bye Buzz made sure she pointed out that Akka was to come back for her next bacashion, which Akka promised and we will hold on to. Till date Akka’s next bacashion is talked about, the chocolate Akka got is talked about, the dress Akka got is looked at with longing (we are eating well to grow up to fit in to it). On the other hand Bugz stays blissfully unaware, lucky her.

Rev Akka when do you come back? We miss you already.

37 thoughts on “Akka came on bacashion

  1. Awww..what a sweet bacashion 🙂

    I guess this is how friends with whom we share a soul connection meet and it never feels that we were meeting (in real) for the first time ever.

    Hope Buzz gets to meet her Akka soon 😀

  2. I’ve read this post half a dozen times in the 10 mins since you posted it. I smiled through it all and could visualize every moment again and again and again 🙂

    And you are being too kind. You didn’t cook just one meal for me. What about all the different kinds of Parathas you made specially for me? Just so, I get to taste what you grew up eating? Rotis, so many different kinds of paneer, cauliflower parathas and the amaaaaazing onion parathas that you kindly packed for my flight! I can come back again just for the food. That you’d cook for me again and all that I wanted to make for you and didn’t find time.

    And oh, during our overnight trip, while all the mommies were busy chasing and feeding the kids, the men went away with their beer to talk boys-talk 😀 Ofcourse after telling me how they’d like their burgers. D was kind enough to pour some wine for me and said ‘Drink and cook ok?’

    And yeah, Akka shall plan another bacashion soon! And hopefully, Akka shall be less tired and less jet-lagged to have more fun with Buzz and Bugz. Oh, and you too Comfy 😉

    1. Ahaa! I should have known that is what the boys were up to. All I know is I came down after struggling with trying to get Bugz to sleep to find you standing there taking care of all the food. Let me go kick D for you now. Better late than never right?
      Please come back. There is the Pav Bhaji that I promised you and forgot all about once you got here, that I need to make for you. And I will eat whatever you cook for me, as if there was ever a question about that. 🙂

      1. That was me worrying about her not eating anything for 5-6 hours that too early in the morning. I asked if she would have breakfast before she left. She said no. Now what was I to do?

    2. Akka please come off again…you know who else is waiting for her turn?

      * Don’t dare call me a ditcher. Don’t. Just don’t. You know I am not.*

      Comfy – Heard most of the post from Revs already…especially the part where she got a hug from you when most needed 🙂

  3. Of course I can’t shut up and have to write more! The fact that Bugz slept with me patting her to sleep on my shoulder was my favourite awww moment. Your D made it awww’er by saying, ‘That wasn’t an easy task. You are now eligible to take her away with you. Bring her back after you’ve sleep trained her’ 😀 I would have totally packer her and brought her home with me had she not scared me with her ‘aaaaeeeiiiinnnn’ 😐

    1. You know what I smile about the most about that? Remember how D was making breakfast for everyone and I was standing next to him, putting food in the plate for Buzz and me. You had managed to calm Bugz up and asked if I wanted to take her up for her nap while you took care of Buzz and without even looking at each other both D and I said, ‘No’. The look on your face was priceless. 😀

  4. Awww! this is the SWEESTEST blogger meet (I doubt whether I should even call it a blogger meet, but you both know what I am trying to say here eh?) story I have EVER read…more to Revs Akka, Buzz filling out on the clothes, Bugz sleeping on the shoulders, Comfy cooking parathas and D giving out wines 🙂

    big hugs to all of you

  5. I want to come meet everyone 😦

    (Neither of you told me anything at all about the meet, so this post was such a pleasure to read! Read it twice already, you know? And I am still not done yet)

  6. A very cute and heart warming post! It’s nice to meet blogger friends…would love to meet so many of you except I’m on a continent tucked far away! Till date have met one other blogger friend and it’s great…it’s like you’ve known each other all your life, isn’t it?

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