In to the wild

On our usual drive back home in the evening we came across a couple dozen crows sitting on a small patch of grass.

I want to go to the birds.
Which birds are those?
Yes, crows they are.
I want to go play with those crows.
You can’t play with them.
Because they will fly away.
They are wild animals?
No they are birds.
Lion is wild animal.
Yes, lion is a wild animal.
It bites?
Yes, it bites.
Shark also bites.
Yes, shark also bites.
So it is a wild fish?

15 thoughts on “In to the wild

  1. I remember commenting sometime last year “buzzie pie is intelligent baby’ and now I just have to remove that ‘baby’ from my comment 🙂 she is one logically intelligent girl in making!

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