The thing about Bugz.. that she goes from 0 to 100 in less than a heartbeat. There are no stops, halts, breaks in between.

At the tail end of our various day long road trips D and I often get in to a conversation on how we should find a place to stop so as to give Bugz a break. As we go on a look out for a place to take a break, we keep telling ourselves that since Bugz is not making any noise we still have some time to look for that perfect spot. It all, of course, ends with Bugz screaming blue murder without giving us any prior notice in the form of baby talk or a whimper or any other sound effects. It is drama full on.

Every evening Bugz is seen happily shuffling from one thing to another. There are drawers to be opened, toys and books to be scattered all around, block building build by Didi to be broken down. After which she comes to me, sits in my lap and plays around (chews on) whatever she can find. Taking it as a sign of a happy (not cranky) baby, I commit the grave mistake of trying to finish one last errand (changing her diaper) before I take her upstairs for her sleep time. The happy, laughing, smiling baby goes away in a flash and in its place is a crying, screaming, kicking one, who rubs her eyes non-stop and wiggles all over the place to the extent that it takes all my might to get the diaper on her little butt.

This evening I came home to Bugz’s nanny, who just could not stop smiling. She had something to show, she said, after which she handed me her phone. What I was looking at was a video of Bugz walking. I had a mouth meet floor moment. MY BUGZ! who refuses to even stand without support and promptly sits down, unless she is lost in whatever spoon she is chewing on and forgets that she is standing, is now walking? What? Really? I mean she had taken all of one wobbly step this past weekend. This had to be some trick photography (err whatever is the related term for video?).

I looked at Bugz. She was sitting with a smile on her face not bothered at all. Once the nanny left, we got down to the task of the day – ‘See Bugz walk’. Try one, two, three..eight all ended up the exact same way. Bugz true to form refused to even stand up without support. Trick videography it was, I was convinced. She was still standing, holding on to me when we heard D and Buzz enter the house. Bugz looked around in excitement, her eyes shining as she spied her Didi walking up the stairs, let go of my T-shirt, took one step, two step, three step, four step, five step to get to the gate. Me? I was in total shock, I must say. As D laughed with joy, Buzz screamed in excitement, ‘Bugz badi ho gayi’.

Yup, Bugz is all grown up. She who gave no indication of even being close to taking her first independent step, let go and is seen walking around the house since then. Bugz, who I kept saying, likes to takes things nice and easy and was in no hurry to walk is at the same walking milestone Buzz was when Buzz was this age and this is when Buzz started taking her first independent step long before. So yeah, true to form Bugz went straight for 100, who cares about step 0-99 after all.

Now that she has, here I am sitting in my little corner and sulking a little because my baby is growing up way too fast for my comfort.

19 thoughts on “The thing about Bugz..

  1. I can so so so relate to that 0 to 100 stuff….R is exactly like that..even now…

    though the lazy bum didnt walk till she was 1.25 or something…Bugz is super fast eh?

    Didi ko dekhe run kiya..isnt that the cutest thing ever…sigh! every time I read about Bugz and Buzz interacting, I think I should have another baby…wait, didnt I say that in the earlier post as well 🙂

    big hugs to the walking and straight from 0 to 100 badi girl and her even badi sister..

    PS – you take road trips with the kiddos *Falls at your’s and D’s feet*

  2. congratulations mommy dearest and bugzie baby 🙂 and look at that excitement on Buzzie face too….”bugz badi ho gayi” is such a super cute excalimation 🙂

    hug both tight for me okay?

    P.S. I’m yet to recieve your detailed email busy mum 🙂 You know I want something from you,right? 🙂

  3. OMG. This is wonderful!!! Congratulations, Bugz, Buzz, D and Mama!

    *Now let me go to a corner and sulk too…growing up way too fast that baby of yours*

    P.S: Me wants to see the video, pretty please?

  4. * whistles * * calps* ….woohooo, Bugz, turns out to be a rockstar! 🙂

    Why care about 0-99 afterall, when one can stright out jump at 100. Huh, such a cool concept 😀

    Much love to the little one ..and loads of *muah* kisses.

    PS: Photos please..?? Email kijiye pls..

  5. Yayy! Way to go Bugz baby 🙂
    Tight hugs to the duo 🙂

    And hugs to you Comfy.. i know the feeling..and am feeling it even more these days..

  6. Aww such a sweet moment. I landed up here after long time and your recent post made me cry but this post making me smile. Bugs and Buzz is growing up and just love reading the siblings love . Take care and big hugs to you.

  7. Aww! I am reading this way too late, but Congrats all the same! 🙂
    Zo is the complete opposite, stood with support at 6 months, but that’s it, refuses to try and walk w/o support 😀 Yeah, I am like let her take her time!
    to the two!

  8. Way to go Bugz.. 🙂
    My Abhi is same in crying…goes from 0 to 100 in a micro second…And every person in this house who can run is expected to come running to him in that time.. 🙂

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