Math, logic and all that fun stuff

Buzz got an activity book as a return gift. Soon after we got home, I put it in a closet and forgot all about it (did not mean to, it just so happened).

Buzz found it in one of her explorations and took it to D. The dad in D got all excited and started going through various pages with her. There was who is longest, shortest, tallest, smallest. There was count the trees, flowers, clouds, bees. There was match the items. And then came addition.

I looked up from my cooking and said, ‘Really, addition? Is she not too little?’ ‘She will be just fine’, came the reply. I left it at that. Who has the time to argue after all?

Concepts were explained and repeated a few times over. Then came the question:

D: What is 1 + 1
Buzz: 11

Look on his face: Priceless

Me: I was on the floor laughing.

18 thoughts on “Math, logic and all that fun stuff

  1. HE he he hehe .. Indeeed now LOGICALLY if we have a variable that holds the value of 1 as strings and we say add it will put 11.. for sure 🙂

    Buzz is going the right way .. she is far more advanced 🙂

    god bless

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