Clash of lessons

As I get Buzz ready for the day, I talk about how not to take anything offered by any stranger. I talk about how they might take her away and she might never get to see Mumma and Papa again.

You don’t want that to happen do you?
You tell them, no. You can say that you have to ask Mumma or Papa for permission before taking anything from them.
Candy bhi nahein?
Chocolate bhi nahein?
IceCream bhi nahein?
You do not take anything from others without asking Mumma Papa’s permission. Again, what do you do when someone you don’t know offers something like candy to you?
Pehle please bolna aur phir thank you.*

Face meet palm! Palm say hi to face!

At least there are some lessons she is learning well!

*First say please and then thank you.


23 thoughts on “Clash of lessons

  1. 😆 😆 mera bacha…isn’t she right as always?? :mrgreen: god I can’t stop laughing thinking of your expression when she said that 👿 er…I better not laugh too much no? I might get this all back one day 😳

    kichees to the wisest girl of them all 🙂

  2. While I’m half panicking that my baby thangachi hasn’t got the point, I cant help ROTFL’ing here 😀

    1. @ revs: baby thangachi?!! revs, idhu over! 🙂 wonder what your akka will have to say abt this!

      @comfy: totally adorable the little girl is! loved her ‘understanding’!

  3. Okie….she is one smart cookie…well like you say, ek nahi toh doosra lesson hi sahi 🙂

    and honestly Comfy, this is pretty much even what R told me when I gave her similar lessons 😦

  4. Getting them to understand these small lessons is quite a task. A Jr saw the bad witch who offers kids chocolates and then takes them away on tv and got the point. 🙂
    Buzz is so cute…keep trying to make her learn this lesson too 🙂

  5. Indeed a clash of lessons, but since you both are trying and she has learnt one lesson well, I guess she;ll be thorough with the second lesson as soon as you have a third one ready 🙂 😀

  6. LOL! She is smart cookie I tell ya! 😀

    Maybe we have to stress more on the word ‘stranger’ for the actual lesson to sink in? Otherwise, what she says is the right answer! 😛

  7. Haha, so cute! Goes to show how well the politeness lessons have been learnt! 😀 Now for some differentiation classes!
    Buzz is a sweetheart! And a smart smart one at that!

  8. Wonderful lesson learnt! 😛 We can all learn some from her. You know I love these little tales that you share with us…they are so enchanting somehow. Always make me smile. 🙂

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